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Mouse control for tablet/inventory.

Twilight Sparkle 9 months ago in Controls • updated 9 months ago 5

There needs to be an option for mouse control for operating the tablet on PC.

The current control flow is as follows:

*Need to look something up on pad*

Press e

Takes hand off of mouse

right cursor, down cursor, etc

puts hand back on mouse

press e to close.

So, with the current control scheme I'm having to take my hand off of the mouse anyway to be able to operate the tablet.  So making a floating mouse cursor (finger/glove?) to easily and intuitively click on items on the tablet would make it allot less aggravating.  Please at least consider making it a game option.


Movement controls lock-up after removing module component

Rob 4 months ago in Controls • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 10

I'm following the initial Sandbox story. I'm at Alpha Hab fixing the modules however sometimes when I remove a component all the Look, Movement and Interact controls seize up after I've taken it. It doesn't happen every time, but it has occurred 3 times in the last 30 mins trying to get the modules repaired. When it happens I also lose access to the Datapad or Inventory, but I can still jump, crouch, flashlight, scanner. I have no choice but to Quit and start again from the beginning.


Mouse Sensitivity option would be great

jonah237 9 months ago in Controls • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 9 months ago 5

Mouse/Camera moves very slow when playing on my system. An option to adjsut would be fantastic


Resolution switching back to 640 x 480

Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 9 months ago in Controls • updated 9 months ago 4

Translated from German post in Steam Forums:

Activate under "Options"> "Controls" "Old Datapad Controls", then I can no longer use the bed and thus no longer save the game. I switch "Alt Datapad Controls" again, then everything works as usual again.

If I go with "Alt Datapad Controls" switched on with a click on "Main Menu" out of the game, it always happens that the resolution (Display Resolution) is adjusted to 640 x 480.

OS: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

Can someone confirm the two bugs someone?


HOTAS controller interfering with keyboard inputs

Steve Pinkston 9 months ago in Controls • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 9 months ago 9

Starting a new game in sandbox mode, I am finding that I cannot navigate the tablet using either the default 'arrow key' controls nor the alternative 'wasd' controls.  I can activate whatever button happens to be highlighted at the time, but cannot change the 'active button' in any way except for once by accident.  I had an XBox 360 controller plugged in that seemed partially active, and have had troubles in the past with some games not liking the controller, but after unplugging it the problem persists.  


Keyboard controls for inventory management needs improvment.

Twilight Sparkle 9 months ago in Controls • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 9 months ago 5

Currently, to add/remove items to/from a container you have to...

Click on crate.

press down (or right)


press down (or right)



repeat until done.

This gets pretty old fast and is even more annoying if you are only trying to pull certain items out because of the automatic reset to the top left hand square.

If you have the cursor remember and stay at its current position, the above problems would be greatly reduced.


Click on crate

press down (or right)







The result would be half as many clicks for the player to move the inventory.

Under review

Airlock Door & Interior move speed

SilverBeard 3 weeks ago in Controls • updated by Mr. Fusion 2 weeks ago 3

Hi. I've experienced a rather unusual bug. When I go to leave the habitat and open the internal airlock door, it slides open and then closes immediately. If you happen to be in the way, it punches you back into the room about 15 Mtrs. I couldn't see this in the forum, and I apologise if I've missed it.



Hitting "Esc" during mouse button control assigment breaks the control assignment screen

Mr. Fusion 3 weeks ago in Controls • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 weeks ago 1
  1. Continue a save or start a new game.
  2. When the game has loaded (or the intro phase is over), hit Esc to bring up the ingame menu.
  3. Go to Options > Controls.
  4. Click on any assigment field in the Mouse column.
  5. When the assignment popup appeared (with the countdown at the bottom), hit Esc.
  6. The entire ingame menu is closed and you get returned to the game.
  7. Hit Esc and go to Options > Controls again.
  8. The screen is now unresponsive other than being able to scroll the assignment list with the mousewheel, and the "DONE" button is also transparent/greyed out.

NOTE: This only happens while in a game, but not from the main menu.

I've observed this in 0.62b1, but might be also the same in the current live release.

Under review

Ability to toggle Datapad zoom state

Mr. Fusion 3 weeks ago in Controls • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 weeks ago 1

When the player is not moving and the datapad is brought up, it will go to a fully zoomed position, which even removes the helmet HUD elements from the screen, and the datapad screen fills the entire screen. While in some cases (such as when reading text) this zoom level is the best, it would be nice if the "Zoom" control would toggle the datapad between this state, and the "full view" state when the HUD is also visible while the datapad is a bit further away and in full view. (Currently the "Zoom" assignment in datapad control mode doesn't appear to be doing anything.)

It would also probably be better if the "full view" would be the default state, and using the "Zoom" control would toggle it into the fully zoomed state and back for the times when the player wants ro dead something up close.


Double clicking on component slot causes wrong interaction sequence

Mr. Fusion 3 months ago in Controls • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 3

When you double click on a component slot not at 99%, the following sequence will occur:

  1. Screen darkens and repair timer starts.
  2. Datapad comes up with the Replace/Repair/Cancel screen without selection shortly after the repair timer started.
  3. When the repair timer is up, timer and screen darkening goes away and Datapad switches to home screen.
  4. At this time, the Datapad can only be dismissed with the E key, it will not react to Esc, but will switch to other screens with their hotkeys. If LMB is clicked without leaving the home screen, the selection highlight will be lost until switching to another screen.
  5. The next time you interact with something, the Datapad will open with the home screen instead of the expected interaction screen of the given object.

If the component slot was at maximum condition, then on duble clicking it the Replace/Repair/Cancel screen may sometimes come up without selection highlight and stay until dismissed with Esc, but this does not happen all the time.