Random dust storms may have been deactivated?

Mr. Fusion 5 months ago in Saving/Loading • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 2

In a game which I started in 0.61 then carried over through 0.61.1 and 0.61.2, I'm not getting any random storms in the Big Storm scenario after the initial one, even though I'm now on sol 24 and I'm almost certain that in previous games storms occurred maybe 8-12 sols apart.

Having looked into the .verify files in the save folder, I'm seeing a "dustStormRandomActive = False" line two lines up from the bottom, while in previous saves which I've archived for bug reporting, this line was always "True".

Since I cannot tell if it happened because I carried this save over several versions, or the random storms have been accidentally disabled somehow, I've not posted this as a bug, although even if it was caused by carrying saves over, this feels like something that should not be a problem to keep/restore between version changes so it might worth looking into it anyway.


Photos taken can become (cheaty) glimpses into the future

Mr. Fusion 6 months ago in Saving/Loading • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 5

Since the photos taken during a game session are stored independently from the save file itself, if progress is lost for any reason (crash, quitting, death), then any photo that was taken between the last save and the time the progress was lost will still be available the next time the player continues from the last save, effectively showing things and places the player did not encounter yet in this restrored/continued game session.

While this can even be kind of a good thing when, for example, a crash occurred, allowing the players to retrace some of their steps, but if it was a "proper" loss of progress, eg. an in game death, then it can be used for cheating to quickly rediscover locations the player isn't supposed to know about as not having discovered yet at the point the save was made.

Maybe when a game is restored/continued from a save, before the gameplay starts, the game should check the sol and time stamp on each photo belonging to the current game and delete any which was "taken in the future" compared to the sol and time of the save that is currently being loaded.


Datapad may be in incorrect position after loading a "pop tent save"

Mr. Fusion 6 months ago in Saving/Loading • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 2

Continuing the game from a save made by resting in an outpost / pop tent can cause the Datapad to be in a weird position when brought up, off screen to the right, up, and about 45 deg tilted so only about two thirds of it is visible. It looks somewhat as if it was "frozen" in an offset position which is normally seen when falling off heights/jumping/etc with the Datapad up.

It only happens under specific circumstances:

  1. Make a save by resting in a pop tent.
  2. Exit the pop tent.
  3. Quit to the main menu, then go to Sandbox > Continue to reload the save.
  4. Bring up the datapad by any hotkey while inside the pop tent, and it will be in the incorrect position.
  5. Quit to the main menu again without leaving the pop tent.
  6. Go to Sandbox > Continue to reload the save.
  7. Bring up the datapad by any hotkey while inside the pop tent, now it will be in the correct position.
  8. Leaving the pop tent then quitting and reloading will break the Datapad again, and so on across #2-#7.

Apparently some state data is not purged / reinitialized correctly between game sessions, and when loading a save made on the pop tent map, this leftover something, which is present only while on an exterior map (reloading a save when the previous session was on the pop tent interior map doesn't do this) causes some kind of interference.


Options > Controls settings reset to default

Mr. Fusion 7 months ago in Saving/Loading • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 7 months ago 2

The settings found in Options > Controls occasionally reset to their defaults for no apparent reason, either on game exit or game launch (can't tell which since the settings file is not human-readable to check it between sessions).

The game exits gracefully, then the next time I start and load the current save I notice mouse sensitivity being very low, and it turns out all the settings in that category has been reset again. It only happens to these, nothing else changes, Display and Audio is never affected.

Sadly, it's yet another random thing, it doesn't happen all too often, and nothing seems to (have been) different when it does/did happen. I had this in all versions so far, so it's not a new thing introduced with the engine upgrade.


Some requests

luckyseven 10 months ago in Saving/Loading • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 1


Thank you for this wonderful game I'm really enjoying it so far!

I would like to request/suggest an anotherl option to save the game maybe at a waystat in addition to sleeping. Maybe I'm the only one but as it is right now these long walks sometimes get interrupted by real life and I simply don't have time to make it back to the habitat to save my game. I'm sure this wont be an issue with future updates if vehicles are added but as it is now it feels like a big problem to me. Thanks in advance


Accumulated radiation value not saved

Mr. Fusion 10 months ago in Saving/Loading • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 2

The accumulated radiation value in the Exposure section is not being saved (or loaded) and thus reset to 0 every time a game is loaded/continued.


White diamonds on map moving after load game to places not yet explored

Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 11 months ago in Saving/Loading • updated 9 months ago 8

From Steam Forums: http://steamcommunity.com/app/252090/discussions/0/1291817208492234916/#c1291817208492485298

not sure if the update (v0.56) broke something or if it's something else, but suddenly after loading my last save, all the white locations that I discovered have suddenly moved on the map, some to places on the other side of the map I haven't even been yet.

High Priority

Stuck Dying Immediately After A Save

Talon 12 months ago in Saving/Loading • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 12 months ago 2

Ok I'm not quite sure if this is a bug or I'm being an idiot. Maybe both.


I am on Sol 5. I've powered up the habitat and repaired everything. All the habitat stats were nominal. On Sol 4 I went outside and repaired everything I could with supplies gained from one of the supply dumps around the map and I went to sleep to save at around 22:00 Mars time. Before going back into the Hab however I was very low on power in my EVA suit, about 5% I think. I woke up after 6 hours sleep, filled up on calories and then went outside to continue repairs. After exiting the air lock I get the message that the exterior battery hasn't got enough charge to recharge the EVA suit. Odd but I Check the Hab's power and it was indeed low due to it being dark outside still.

I went back inside to wait for daylight and check the Hab's power until it was at 100%. I went back outside and got the same message that the external battery couldn't recharge the suit. By this time the EVA suits battery was at 0%. I quickly went back inside trying to think what I could do.

I decided to kill myself and revert back to the save from the night before. I assume the game saves every time you sleep. So I went outside the suit battery failed and I died.

I loaded my save game and I'm back in the HAB and after 30 second I die. It took me a while to work out why. I loaded again and quickly checked the Had Stats.

O2, Nominal.

Power 50% and charging, so Nominal.

Temperature -60 Degrees and falling. Umm not nominal. :(

Checked my own health stats and sure enough my internal temperature was plummeting like a rock and I died again.

I loaded up one more time and this time as soon as I loaded I got into bed and slept. Woke up at seven in the morning and everything is fine. Or so I though.

I went outside and I get the same message that the External battery hasn't got enough power to charge my suit. So I'm stuck


So i figure this is what is happening. Because you start the game with only solar power and not enough RTGs to power the Hab systems through the night, by the middle of the night the HAB's temp has dropped to -60. This wasn't a problem before because I slept through the night and I assume the game doesn't check the internal temperature while you are asleep.

The second issue with the recharging the suit battery seems to be if you completely drain it the Hab can't recharge it. So I guess I'm stuck.

This might be a bit of an edge case but it could be very anoying with the fact yo only have one save so you cant go back and have to start again from scratch.

I have a copy of the save games both from the middle of the night with the ultra low temprature and from the morning when I cant recharge my suit. if you want them just let me know how to get them to you .

Not a bug

SSA and Lighting options return to "on" setting after restarting game.

Thrantor 1 year ago in Saving/Loading • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 1

While trying to turn down the options and maybe get my game playable... I noticed that even if you turned these two settings off... they turned right back on after the game was restarted.