This is a general list of most changes that have been implemented over the course of development:


  • Fixed bug preventing players from crafting oxygen filled canisters.
  • Added crafting plans as discoverable items throughout the game.
  • Added clarifications to the Habitat Status screen to show when modules are running on reserve power.
  • Fixed a bug causing your suit battery to drain while inside a habitat.
  • Added EVA confirmation screen to transfer specific amounts of oxygen and battery between your suit and your reserves
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to use your scanner while inside a habitat.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect amount of battery charge to be transferred to your suit when leaving the habitat.
  • Updated the breathing audio to include effects for exhaustion, cold, and low oxygen.
  • Added an infinite horizon to hide some loading pop-in which also fixed a bug causing stars to appear in front of some distant terrain.
  • Fixed several bugs causing WayStats to be powered off, disappear from the map, and have incorrect text.
  • Fixed a bug with primary objective points not showing correctly on the map.
  • Fixed some incorrect component assignments (solar panels and RTG) in the central-most habitat spawn location.
  • Added a map marker for your starting spawn location.
  • Fixed a bug where materials used while crafting items were not being removed from inventory.
  • Added crafting sound effects.
  • Fixed loading error when accidentally clicking on habitat doors multiple times.
  • Can now use Spacebar on the datapad in the same way that you use Enter or Left Click.
  • Can no longer select the Habitat Status Console from behind the inner habitat wall.
  • Fixed an error with the diagnostics for WayStat 0.
  • Added a Credits screen.
  • Fixed issue with cursor sometimes not being locked when regaining application focus, also now automatically opens the pause menu when application loses focus.
  • Fixed bug causing multiple "Switch to Deposit/Withdraw" buttons appearing when managing inventory.
  • Fixed bug causing water tanks to fill past their capacity.
  • Inventory screen no longer automatically switches to deposit mode if the container your clicked on holds no items to withdraw.
  • Fixed item duplication bug when crafting.
  • Now tools that are in habitat storage count towards crafting requirements so that you don't need to be carrying them in your inventory.
  • Calorie values are now displayed when viewing consumable items.
  • Fixed bug that caused the time of day to not be saved correctly when sleeping.
  • You are now prevented from depositing more water in the habitat storage than the water reclaimer's tanks can hold.
  • You can now consume water while on an EVA.


  • Added various new sound effects and musical cues.
  • Fixed lighting bug in habitats when power is out during the day.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the habitat reserve battery and interior temperatures from being loaded properly when continuing a saved game.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused a blank or incorrect tutorial text box to appear in your HUD when leaving the habitat.
  • Allowed for the arrow keys to be used to move, mirroring the function of the W,A,S,D keys.


  • Exterior Module Solar Panels and WayStat Circuit Boards and Fuses now spawn at randomized degradation levels like all other exterior module component types.
  • Fixed issue where interaction circle stayed visible after picking up an item.
  • Inventory weight correctly updated after picking up some items.
  • Battery warning should disappear properly after recharging.
  • Saving and loading have been enabled for the survival sandbox mode.
  • The datapad will only zoom in if your screen aspect ratio is 16:9 which will prevent some UI elements from being cut off on other aspect ratios.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash after quickly and repeatedly pressing the same movement keys.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the running sound effects and increased oxygen consumption levels to continue if you crouch while running.
  • Added different flashlight shape for when you are exploring habitats.
  • Mac version is now a Universal build which should automatically run in 32bit or 64bit depending on your system.
  • A 64 bit version for PC is now available as a separate download.
  • Replaced the placeholder deceased crew members with final suit models.
  • Added a new method for operating the datapad which can be enabled in the Controls option menu.
  • Fixed bug that would freeze the game when trying to open the main menu with the escape key while loading.
  • Updated datapad opening and closing options to be more consistent across all datapad screens and interactions.
  • Automated error reports will now be sent so that I can more easily find bugs, but some hard crashes may not get automatically reported so you may still need to provide log files in the feedback forum.
  • Updated menu screen.
  • The escape key will close the datapad or open the pause menu if the datapad is already closed.
  • Two new habitat interior variations have been added.

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