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locked when interracting with panels

mrjixer 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

mouse movements or clicking ,won't work after  leftclicking panels such as hab doors, electricity panels. does this randomly.

need to restart the game.

Under review

Can I ask how you are exiting from the datapad? If it's completely random that may be hard to identify, but there may be a key combination that disables interaction that I need to find.

first mission gain entry tog the hab, your asked to analyse the four panels water, electricity ,oxygen supply, second panel i Was about to analyse by leftclicking, did nothing just stopped me from moving and disabled My mouse and movement Keys,

no datapad apperred, only thing Was too hitting esc and restart game. So new restart ,exactly the same as the first Time, second panel to be analysed froze mouse again so new restart, Third Time around 

when i restarted i did not analys the panels just started them up and reapaird them, so i gained access to the hab that way, went into the hab for exploring then when i Was about to leave ,leftclicking the hab door for Exiting did exactly the same as the panels did, mouse and movement froze nothing i could do ,besides a restart, by the way the order of the panels i Was analysing diden't mather ,sorry for bad grammar.

I'm really sorry you are experiencing this issue. You are the first person to report such a random loss of control. I'll see what I can do to investigate this problem.