Life support units

Machinist #152 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3

So i have meditated in the middle of a dust storm. 

Why the life support unites of the habitats are so exposed and separated?

I would put them next to each other in some construction to protect them from the elements, so they deteriorate slower. The solar panels could be on top of that building. (Grammar status: sorry)  


The primary reason is simply to support gameplay by the activity their maintenance requires.

The in game explanation (which I think is in either their own documentation or the general systems documentation found in the datapad) is that they are separated from each other and the habitat by a safe distance so that a catastrophic failure of one unit does not damage the rest of them, multiplying the effort and material need it would require to restore viability of the habitat.


Oh yeah. That makes sense.  


This isn't something I'm interested in changing at this point, pretty much for the same reasons Mr. Fusion already noted.