Change Log

This is a general list of most changes that have been implemented over the course of development:

v0.64.3 - October 6th 2018 - Research Update #3

  • Significant performance improvements have been made across all gameplay systems. If the game ran slowly for you before, please report back if you see any improvements after these changes.
  • Lighting improvements have been made inside habitats, including windows that now glow brightly from the light of the sun outside. This is most noticeable with the lights in the hab turned off.
  • Added a selector to the navigation screen that allows you to display locations where previous research samples have been collected.
  • The “Withdraw All” option for inventory management now only withdraws the items of the filtered category you are currently viewing.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from repairing equipment if they were too close to death.
  • The selected item cursor for inventory management now returns to the nearest position of the last selected item rather than returning to the firstmost item in that inventory. You can now more easily deposit or withdraw items without needing to use the arrow keys to navigate to multiple items.
  • The PRT RTG slot will now degrade similar to the rate of other RTG slots for exterior modules.
  • The “interact” text hint is now properly hidden for the research station in an unpowered habitat.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect distance indicator for custom objective points that were set inside of a habitat.

v0.64.2 - August 31st 2018 - Research Update #2

  • There are four new achievements based on mission research progress.

  • There is a new workstation in each habitat called the Research Bench. Similar to the Crafting and Salvaging Bench, you can interact with the Research Bench to see an overview of your research progress for each research category. This can help you track your progress towards the new research achievements.

  • Habitats also now have one center table art asset to add more visual interest.

  • You can now “run” inside the habitats. Interior walk speed is about 60% of the exterior walk speed, which is what it has always been, but interior run speed is now equal to exterior walk speed so that you can move around inside a bit quicker if you want.

  • Fixed an issue causing driving controls to be disabled when using the escape key to close the datapad while driving.

  • Charged backup batteries and oxygen filled canisters can now be used inside habitats.

  • The “Quit” option from the pause menu will now exit straight to desktop after a confirmation prompt instead of returning to the main menu.

  • Fixed another instance where exterior module components were incorrectly spawning in new games causing the diagnostic screen to display blank information.

  • Fixed a major bug with how dust storms were impacting the degradation of exterior module components which could cause irreparable states to occur.

  • Fixed the hab status panel to correctly display the state of the reoxygenator when running on reserve power.

v0.64.1 - July 29th 2018 - Research Update #1

  • Reduced maximum radiation storm length slightly.

  • Radiation storms now are only a serious threat during daylight hours since it is solar radiation (this was an oversight when originally implementing radiations storms).

  • Added new Weather App warning messages for radiation storms so you can check if a storm is still active before exiting a habitat.

  • Fixed a bug with the new equipable pickaxe appearing inappropriately after some inputs.

  • Fixed a bug where the datapad was incorrectly closing when attempting to switch to a different app with a hotkey.

  • Fixed a bug with broken components not appearing correctly when viewing the status of a component slot.

  • Slightly increased the appearance rate of dust devils.

  • There will now always be a Pickaxe found in Hab Beta.

  • Fixed a bug where the loading indicator would get stuck when leaving the habitat.

  • Added unique material type of Atmospheric Sample.

  • Empty Canisters can now be used to collect Atmospheric Samples.

  • Limited inventory and storage slots for Atmospheric Samples allow for unique data to be saved associated with each sample.

  • Research quality is calculated based on data differences between stored Atmospheric Samples.

v0.64 - June 30th 2018 - Research Update #0

  • Added unique material type of Rock Sample.
  • Pickaxe is now equippable during an EVA.
  • Using a pickaxe on the terrain or a rock will add a Rock Sample to your inventory.
  • Limited inventory and storage slots for Rock Samples allow for unique data to be saved associated with each sample.
  • Research quality is calculated based on data differences between stored Rock Samples.

v0.63.3 - May 31st 2018 - Radiation Storms Update #3

  • Added a simple loading screen animation with randomized gameplay tips.
  • Fixed a bug where double-tapping a datapad hotkey caused unintended conflicts.
  • Added a notification that crafting and salvaging are not accessible when there is no power.
  • Fixed a display issue on the habitat status screen where it was showing full water tanks with no water available.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the inventory hotkey while viewing the habitat storage caused the datapad to close instead of accessing your inventory.

v0.63.2 - April 28th 2018 - Radiation Storms Update #2

  • Fixed a bug causing game freezes to occur while repairing components.
  • Fixed a bug affecting water production after frozen storage tanks are reheated.
  • Fixed a bug causing removed components to sometimes still appear visible in exterior module slots.

v0.63.1 - April 19th 2018 - Radiation Storms Update #1

  • Increased the supplemental recharge rate of equipped portable solar panel while on EVA. Still won't overcome the normal drain of your battery, but it reduces the rate of discharge quite drastically.
  • Fixed a major bug causing an incorrect passing of time when sleeping, crafting, salvaging, or repairing.

v0.63 - March 31st 2018 - Radiation Storms Update #0

  • Randomized radiation storms have been added.
  • New datapad documents have been added to help explain dust storms, radiation storms, and radiation zones (map boundaries).
  • A failed or turned off heater will now eventually cause water tanks to freeze. Once the internal habitat temperature reaches below 0 Celsius water will be slowly lost to freezing.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the PRT maintenance screen.
  • Components installed in exterior modules will degrade slower if they are not essential for module operation. For example, if you have 5 fuses installed, 2 of them will degrade slower than the first 3 because only 3 are required for operation.
  • Navigation systems are now based on proximity to WayStats during a dust storm. The more intense the storm, the closer you will need to be to an operational WayStat in order to maintain your navigation systems.
  • The movement speed penalty during a dust storm has been drastically reduced, but now your exhaustion, calorie and water consumption are increased during a dust storm.
  • The degradation rates of exterior module components are now increased for habitats that are in the area of a passing dust storm.
  • The charge rate of an equipped portable solar panel while on EVA is now identical to the charge rate with it equipped in a panel slot of an exterior module. This has reduced the EVA charge rate enough that it can no longer surpass the battery drain of your suit, but it does drastically reduce the speed that your suit battery will drain. This is to prevent the exploit where you could charge your suit battery quickly with an equipped portable solar panel and then dump the charge back into your habitat battery.
  • The scanner overlay has been fixed for ultrawide monitors.
  • One real-time hour now equals 1 in-game day/sol.
  • Death from EVA suit battery being depleted (death from heat loss) now takes much longer to bring it in line with other systems and be more realistic.
  • Fixed a bug that caused exiting a pop tent to result in falling through the map.

v0.62.2 - February 24th 2018 - Driveable Rovers Update #2

  • Broken components can now be removed from exterior habitat modules and used to salvage for parts.

  • Fixed bug causing radiation to not be applied while driving the PRT.

  • Fixed bug causing a black screen while exiting the habitat.

  • Fixed the navigation zoom level being reset when changing datapad screens.

  • Fixed bug causing PRT batteries to charge above 100% with an RTG installed.

v0.62.1 - February 6th 2018 - Driveable Rovers Update #1

  • Fixed bug causing PRTs to float off the ground and become inaccessible.
  • Possible fix for issue with drifting colliders on parked PRTs.
  • New model for the hand holding the datapad.
  • Fixed camera jitter when transitioning between states like equipping the datapad or running/walking.
  • Fixed issue where the datapad was not changing to the lowered position if equipped while walking.

v0.62 - January 31st 2018 - Driveable Rovers Update #0

  • PRTs found in the environment are now driveable.
  • Added Charged Backup Battery items that can be used to recharge your suit while out on an EVA, which after using will change to either a Discharged Backup Battery or an Expired Backup Battery in your inventory. A Discharged Backup Battery can be recharged at a crafting bench as long as there is enough reserve battery charge in the habitat, and an Expired Backup Battery will no longer hold a charge and is only useful for salvaging other materials from it. The chance to become an Expired Backup Battery is 1 in 20.
  • Oxygen Filled Canisters now have a chance to become Broken Canisters after using them to refill your oxygen while on an EVA. The chance to become a Broken Canister is 1 in 20.
  • New games will now start with one Oxygen Filled Canister and one Charged Backup Battery already in your player inventory.
  • Refined and lowered the degradation rate of slots with no installed components.
  • Added a “Withdraw All Items” option when exploring the contents of item containers.
  • Added a “Move All” option when selecting a single stack of items to transfer between containers.
  • The datapad will now slightly lower itself while walking so that you can more clearly see where you are going.
  • You can now enable and disable the scanner while viewing the datapad.

v0.61.3 - December 8th 2017 - Power System Rework Update #3

  • Adjusted dust devil spawn conditions
  • Adjusted the limits and smoothing of the new helmet HUD bounce and sway
  • Fixed helmet HUD rendering for 21:9 ultrawide resolutions
  • Fixed issue where the “Switch to Deposit/Withdraw” button was not appearing when exploring contents of a container
  • Fixed issue with randomized dust storms not spawning as frequently as intended between saving and loading

v0.61.2 - November 22nd 2017 - Power System Rework Update #2

  • Fixed an issue with landing pods only being discoverable from certain viewing angles.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing player movement when it should be locked after interacting with certain components or consoles.
  • Fixed an issue with the button selection highlight disappearing from the datapad UI when submitting the selection via the left mouse button.
  • The electrical module no longer requires a reserve battery charge in order to charge the reserve battery via the connected solar panels.
  • Fixed interaction issues caused by double clicking the mouse button quickly with certain triggers.
  • Disabled the ability to click with the left mouse button during repair transitions to prevent control lockouts.
  • Added a slight bounce to the helmet visual HUD.

v0.61.1 - November 14th 2017 - Power System Rework Update #1

  • Added a delay before UI inputs are repeated when holding down an input button or key.
  • Made changes to Datapad interactions to reduce instances of controls becoming disabled.
  • Added back Remote Outpost scanner markers that had been accidentally deleted in a previous update.
  • Fixed issue causing Datapad to be positioned incorrectly in some cases after loading a save game.
  • Fixed issue causing breathing and life support EVA suit sound effects to not play correctly in some cases after loading a save.
  • Fixed issue causing walk speed to be incorrect in some cases after transitioning between habitat interior and exterior.
  • Photos taken before quitting or dying without saving will no longer be viewable via the Datapad when loading a previous save. They will still be available in the photo save folder on your machine with the location data removed.

v0.61 - November 3rd 2017 - Power System Rework Update #0

  • Fixed incorrect east hab map marker location.
  • Fixed datapad UI navigation issue that would discard inputs that were entered too quickly.
  • Fixed bug that prevented you from strafing while auto-walking.
  • Fixed bug that caused dust storm effects to be visible and charging with portable solar panel to be possible while inside east hab airlock.
  • Made change to WayStat discovery view colliders so that they hopefully trigger more reliably.
  • Made change to mouse sensitivity range (this may require you to adjust your sensitivity in the control options menu).
  • Fixed bug causing the minimum solar charge during a dust storm to go lower than intended.
  • Game performance should be slightly improved after doing a recent optimization pass of several game systems.
  • Reworked the entire power supply system for the habitat exterior modules.

v0.6 - October 6th 2017 - Controller Support Update

  • Controller support has been added for most dual joystick controller types.
  • Keyboard and controller button remapping is now available via the Controls option menu.
  • Increased frequency of dust devils.
  • Fixed bug that caused hab status panel to display information from a different hab.
  • Fixed production levels of oxygen and water modules relative to the impact that broken components should have.
  • Changed locomotion settings for moving up and down slopes and while jumping.
  • Fixed issue where reserve battery could be charged slightly over 100%.

v0.59.1 - September 15th 2017 - Pop Tent Update #1

  • Fixed an exploit that let you craft oxygen filled canisters even when there was not enough oxygen in the reserve tanks.
  • Supported refresh rates are now listed in the resolution settings (in the previous update they appeared as repeated entries of the same resolution in the list).
  • A water reclaimer unit at the northern habitat location has been moved slightly to prevent the water tanks from being hidden under the terrain.
  • The minimum solar power during a full dust storm is now back to 15%.
  • Fixed a bug that was drawing too much power while sleeping causing negative reserve power values.
  • The inner habitat door can no longer be selected through the wall.

v0.59 - September 7th 2017 - Pop Tent Update #0

  • Updated engine to most recent version of Unity for performance and compatibility improvements.
  • Numerous bug fixes for issues related to Unity version update.
  • Loading of interior and exterior scenes should be faster.
  • Habitat interior lightmapping has been improved.
  • Terrain dynamic shadows have been improved.
  • Fog distance and blending with horizon have been improved.
  • Added deployable Emergency Pop Tents that allow you to take shelter from dust storms, eat consumables, and save your game while on an EVA.
  • Remote outposts with permanent pop tents are also useable now and they produce their own ambient oxygen so your suit reserves will not deplete while inside.
  • Added quick reference panels by interior airlock doors to see the status of your exterior life support modules at a glance while inside a habitat.
  • Equipped portable solar panels will no longer charge your suit battery while inside an airlock.
  • Dust storms now properly impact exterior module power production based on proximity to the storm’s epicenter.
  • Dust storm particle effect visibility due to proximity to storm epicenter has been adjusted.

v0.58.1 - August 15th 2017 - Dust Storms Update #1

  • Fixed bug that caused Electrical exterior modules to operate as "On" even when the power switch is turned off.
  • Fixed minor UI spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed bug that occasionally displayed incorrect hab reserve supply values in the suit management screen.
  • All habitats now start with their interior temperature roughly equivalent to the exterior temperature since their heaters have been offline for an undetermined amount of time.
  • Fixed bug that prevented breathing audio from playing before entering the first habitat.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the proper placement of custom objectives in the navigation app.

v0.58 - August 8th 2017 - Dust Storms Update #0

  • Added randomized dust storms that can slowly move across the map and impact your visibility, mobility, and navigation functions.
  • Added a survival sandbox scenario select screen with three currently available options: No Dust Storms Mode, Standard Mode with occasionally spawning dust storms, and Big Storm Mode which will start with a large dust storm hitting Habitat Alpha within the first 3-7 Sols.
  • Added small blowing dust clouds over the entire map.
  • Added randomly spawning dust devils.
  • All habitat interiors now have an airlock exit sign to differentiate the two doors.
  • The screen no longer fades completely to black during exterior module repairs. You can now see time pass in your HUD and the cost to your oxygen and battery in accelerated time during the repair.
  • Fixed issue with exterior module resource generation when sleeping for long periods.
  • Fixed issue with RTGs not generating exterior module resources properly at night.
  • Fixed incorrect description of Multitool. Multitools now explicitly mention that they can be used as a Cutting Tool, Building Tool, and Engineering Tool.
  • The objective LAT and LONG is now updated while placing a custom objective in the Navigation app.
  • Fixed issue with some Drill Rover locations not being added to navigation.
  • Fixed incorrect randomization of exterior module component integrity values for the southeastern-most habitat location.
  • Scanner is now automatically disabled when entering a habitat to prevent unintended scanner highlights while indoors.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect habitat resource values being displayed when accessing the EVA suit management screen between two different habitats.
  • Fixed incorrect texture on water reclaimers.
  • Fixed incorrect exhaustion recovery value when consuming water.
  • Sleeping for 0 hours is now allowed as a way to save without sleeping. Was previously only accessible by cycling the time value in one direction.
  • Fixed issue with the starting landing pod changing positions after loading a saved game.
  • Fixed a floating rock at a solar panel discovery location.
  • Fixed issue where some exterior module components were unable to be removed.

v0.57 - July 4th 2017 - Survival Stats Update

  • Achievements have been added for a range of survival goals.
  • Leaderboards have been added for survival time and distance traveled in a single playthrough.
  • A stats screen will now be displayed upon dying which will tell you exactly what you died from along with comparisons to your previous best run.
  • Increased scanner detection range for standard containers (blue squares) to 300 meters (this distance is not increased by activating WayStats).
  • Crafting an oxygen filled canister now requires 50L of oxygen from your hab reoxygenator tanks.
  • Your EVA suit can now be equipped or removed while inside a hab via the EVA preparation screen (accessible from the habitat status consoles).
  • Your EVA suit will now only be removed automatically upon entering a hab if the reoxygenator has oxygen in the tanks.
  • If the hab reoxygenator is not producing oxygen then you will now more accurately consume oxygen from the reserve tanks while not wearing your EVA suit.
  • The accumulated radiation exposure will now be saved properly.
  • The photo app should function more reliably when deleting photos.
  • The heart rate (stamina indicator) will no longer disappear while jumping.
  • Non-electrical components will no longer throw sparks when being replaced in exterior modules.

v0.56.2 - June 10th 2017 - Balance and Comfort Update #2

  • Fixed bug that caused discovered map location markers to appear in the wrong locations after loading a save (requires you to start a new game to fix).
  • Fixed bug that prevented you from picking up single items like found solar panels even though you had enough space in your inventory.
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to remove components from exterior modules without worrying about inventory weight.
  • You can now access the oxygen and battery transfer screen via the habitat status consoles in the airlock without exiting for an EVA.
  • Fixed a trigger that sometimes caused solar panels to come up as RTGs when clicking on them.
  • Stamina is now representing by a heart rate monitor in your HUD.
  • Fixed bug causing the photo edit menu to be hidden behind the photo view plane.
  • Added sparks to indicate when an electrical component has failed due to being installed with the module power still turned on.
  • More changes to survival balance: It now takes about 1-2 days to die from lack of both food and water (depending on activity). It now takes 2-4 days to die from lack of water alone (depending on activity). It now takes 7-9 days to die from lack of food alone (depending on activity).
  • Added text that describes the time spent while repairing module components.
  • Can no longer run with a portable solar panel equipped.
  • Carrying more than 50kg now makes you "encumbered" which prevents you from running and reduces your walking speed. You can carry up to a max of 75kg.
  • Adjusted the solar panel charging rates and adjusted the reserve power depletion rates for unpowered modules to prevent an exploit.
  • The Reoxygenator and Water Reclaimer modules now run at 10% production speed during the night to reduce the depletion rate of the reserve battery.
  • A full EVA suit battery is now equal to 1/4th of a full hab reserve battery (previously 1/2).

v0.56.1 - June 1st 2017 - Balance and Comfort Update #1

  • Added a significant amount of contextual information to the Habitat Status Screen including more descriptions of exterior module status with color coding.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Reoxygenator to use too much water to produce oxygen when the Water Reclaimer was offline.
  • Some users may not be hearing music due to a sound driver issue. Starting a new game might have caused you to get stuck in the landing pod because the music would not trigger. You should now be able to continue out of the pod even if the music does not play.
  • Datapad document lists should now scroll properly.
  • Certain controllers and flight sticks should no longer conflict with datapad keyboard commands if plugged in while playing.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game resolution to change when navigating menus.
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to fall below the terrain when exiting a habitat.
  • Distances to objectives from inside a habitat should now be properly reflected.

v0.56 - May 26th 2017 - Balance and Comfort Update #0

  • There will now always be a Multitool found in Hab Beta.
  • There will now always be a Haz-Mat Kit found in Hab Gamma.
  • There will now always be a Printer Key found in Hab Gamma.
  • Survival stats like Oxygen, Battery, Calories, etc will now be depleted 20-30% slower, allowing for longer periods of exploration.
  • Habitat storage space has been expanded from a max of 60kg to 80kg.
  • Added menu option for Mouse Sensitivity.
  • Added menu options to disable Camera Bob and Sway.
  • Added menu options to control SFX and Music audio volumes.
  • Added keyboard shortcut to toggle auto-walking (~ key).

v0.55 - May 17th 2017 - Early Access Launch

  • Fixed bug preventing players from crafting oxygen filled canisters.
  • Added crafting plans as discoverable items throughout the game.
  • Added clarifications to the Habitat Status screen to show when modules are running on reserve power.
  • Fixed a bug causing your suit battery to drain while inside a habitat.
  • Added EVA confirmation screen to transfer specific amounts of oxygen and battery between your suit and your reserves
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to use your scanner while inside a habitat.

v0.54 - Pre-release

  • Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect amount of battery charge to be transferred to your suit when leaving the habitat.
  • Updated the breathing audio to include effects for exhaustion, cold, and low oxygen.
  • Added an infinite horizon to hide some loading pop-in which also fixed a bug causing stars to appear in front of some distant terrain.
  • Fixed several bugs causing WayStats to be powered off, disappear from the map, and have incorrect text.
  • Fixed a bug with primary objective points not showing correctly on the map.
  • Fixed some incorrect component assignments (solar panels and RTG) in the central-most habitat spawn location.
  • Added a map marker for your starting spawn location.
  • Fixed a bug where materials used while crafting items were not being removed from inventory.
  • Added crafting sound effects.
  • Fixed loading error when accidentally clicking on habitat doors multiple times.
  • Can now use Spacebar on the datapad in the same way that you use Enter or Left Click.
  • Can no longer select the Habitat Status Console from behind the inner habitat wall.
  • Fixed an error with the diagnostics for WayStat 0.
  • Added a Credits screen.
  • Fixed issue with cursor sometimes not being locked when regaining application focus, also now automatically opens the pause menu when application loses focus.
  • Fixed bug causing multiple "Switch to Deposit/Withdraw" buttons appearing when managing inventory.
  • Fixed bug causing water tanks to fill past their capacity.
  • Inventory screen no longer automatically switches to deposit mode if the container your clicked on holds no items to withdraw.
  • Fixed item duplication bug when crafting.
  • Now tools that are in habitat storage count towards crafting requirements so that you don't need to be carrying them in your inventory.
  • Calorie values are now displayed when viewing consumable items.
  • Fixed bug that caused the time of day to not be saved correctly when sleeping.
  • You are now prevented from depositing more water in the habitat storage than the water reclaimer's tanks can hold.
  • You can now consume water while on an EVA.

v0.53 - Pre-release

  • Added various new sound effects and musical cues.
  • Fixed lighting bug in habitats when power is out during the day.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the habitat reserve battery and interior temperatures from being loaded properly when continuing a saved game.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused a blank or incorrect tutorial text box to appear in your HUD when leaving the habitat.
  • Allowed for the arrow keys to be used to move, mirroring the function of the W,A,S,D keys.

v0.51 - Pre-release

  • Exterior Module Solar Panels and WayStat Circuit Boards and Fuses now spawn at randomized degradation levels like all other exterior module component types.
  • Fixed issue where interaction circle stayed visible after picking up an item.
  • Inventory weight correctly updated after picking up some items.
  • Battery warning should disappear properly after recharging.
  • Saving and loading have been enabled for the survival sandbox mode.
  • The datapad will only zoom in if your screen aspect ratio is 16:9 which will prevent some UI elements from being cut off on other aspect ratios.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash after quickly and repeatedly pressing the same movement keys.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the running sound effects and increased oxygen consumption levels to continue if you crouch while running.
  • Added different flashlight shape for when you are exploring habitats.
  • Mac version is now a Universal build which should automatically run in 32bit or 64bit depending on your system.
  • A 64 bit version for PC is now available as a separate download.
  • Replaced the placeholder deceased crew members with final suit models.
  • Added a new method for operating the datapad which can be enabled in the Controls option menu.
  • Fixed bug that would freeze the game when trying to open the main menu with the escape key while loading.
  • Updated datapad opening and closing options to be more consistent across all datapad screens and interactions.
  • Automated error reports will now be sent so that I can more easily find bugs, but some hard crashes may not get automatically reported so you may still need to provide log files in the feedback forum.
  • Updated menu screen.
  • The escape key will close the datapad or open the pause menu if the datapad is already closed.
  • Two new habitat interior variations have been added.

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