Loading into a death scene.

Charlie Kelley 4 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 2

1. My HAB was not charged at all and so I slept in my suit, which had enough power and O2, I thought. I only slept for 3 hours and immediately die as soon as I wake up. The "save" should be "before" you sleep, not after you wake up and there should be some kind of warning stating that your suit will not keep you alive if you sleep X long.


2. Also, I came back into a fully functioning HAB, but placed all my O2 and Power into the HAB from the suit while still in the airlock.  I immediately go into the HAB, and it says that my suit is not on, but I die of asphyxiation in like 30 seconds. I'm assuming, because it's still reading me as in the suit, with no power and air.  I started just leaving a little power and air in the suit when I come in the HABs and haven't had this problem since.  


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I really don't agree with the save occurring before the sleep period is done. That would require you to "re-sleep" every time you continue from a previous save. What could work tho is that after the rest period calculations are done, but before the save file is updated, the game would first check if the player is/will be dead or in a situation where they would die shortly after having come out of sleep state, and would not overwrite the save file with this "you're already dead you just don't know it yet" state if that's the case.

The unexlpainable death situations around sleeping and entering a Hab, however, sound familiar. I think there was a similar issue reported (and in some way addressed) a while ago, so it might have reoccurred or not all possibilities of such failure have been covered.

Actually, #2 might be caused by the fact that the transition from exterior to interior has a "game time" period of about 20 in-game minutes. It's possible that since you've emptied the suit, the game will consider you being in a non-functional suit for those 20 minutes resulting in your death just as it would if you were outside. And it's not necessarily even an incorrect behaviour, given how atmosphere replacement and pressurization is not instant: even after you've sealed the external door, you'll still have to keep the suit closed and use its internal resources for quite a while before it becomes possible to remove it. (However, I think the way it actually works, on the ISS, for example, is that once the astronauts are inside the airlock, they connect their suit to the life support system of the station so that from then on it doesn't matter how much suit resources they still had; they'll draw everything from the station reserves from the beginnig to the end of the airlock cycle.)


These seem like just order-of-operation issues. I agree with Mr. Fusion that the save should indeed be after sleeping. And if you are in the airlock you should not transfer your suit supplies to the hab unless the airlock is already pressurized.