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ElyCyan 5 days ago in Gameplay • updated by Michael Hixenbaugh 4 days ago 4

I'm at the point in the game where I need to find two other habitats. (Not that far in, I know.) But I am not given any clue to where they are, and I am left to crawl the Martian landscape blinding looking as far as I can tell.

I wish there was a document I could find, in the landing crafts or the first habitat, that could give me a general direction to try to find the next habitat.

It does say on the pad that they are indicated on the scanner (purple circle). However, I only see one of the habitat (Alpha) and stuggle to find the others as well.

Under review

This is something that several players have suggested, so I may include more hints of their location soon. Though I will say that they are not intended to be found easily because they contain many valuable supplies.

Yeah, to be honest, I was surprisingly happy when I found the second habitat in the middle of nowhere.

It would be nice if they were located near the nav stations. Or maybe they are, and I just haven't explored close enough to the new ones I have discovered? This is only my first day playing.