Zoom Lock Glitch

Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 4 years ago updated 3 years ago 9

Occasionally the zoom that automatically applies while looking at the datapad will either not occur or it will get stuck at full zoom even when not looking at the datapad.

This may be connected to sporadic movement inputs while transitioning between zoom states.

It only zooms out when I move. When I press "e" I only see the datapad in zoom mode.

That behavior is intended. If the zoom remains "stuck" zoomed in even without the datapad equipped, or remains zoomed out even when standing still with the datapad equipped then those are unintended. The datapad should be automatically fully zoomed in to view text easier while not moving. Feel free to voice if you feel that this behavior is not desired.

When I move inside the habitat and press "e" the datapad doesn´t zoom in while walking. Only when I stand.


It shouldn't zoom in on the datapad while walking no matter where you are. This is so you can see some of your surroundings while walking with the datapad open. When you stop moving it will zoom in automatically.


One other question: I can´t see the whole datapad on the closeup? Does this depend on the resolution someone has?

Yes, I've been meaning to fix that. Right now it only really supports a 16:9 aspect ratio for the zoom. I'll be adjusting that so that all ratios can still see the datapad screen.


I have disabled the auto zoom into the datapad now for any aspect ratios that are not 16:9 so that no UI elements are cut off on the sides.


I think this issue has been resolved. It has been quite some time since I've experienced the zoom into the datapad getting stuck. I've made several changes to the datapad code and it may have just passively been resolved with those changes. If anyone experiences it again please let me know and I'll reopen this topic.