Under review

Mouse control for tablet/inventory.

Twilight Sparkle 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

There needs to be an option for mouse control for operating the tablet on PC.

The current control flow is as follows:

*Need to look something up on pad*

Press e

Takes hand off of mouse

right cursor, down cursor, etc

puts hand back on mouse

press e to close.

So, with the current control scheme I'm having to take my hand off of the mouse anyway to be able to operate the tablet.  So making a floating mouse cursor (finger/glove?) to easily and intuitively click on items on the tablet would make it allot less aggravating.  Please at least consider making it a game option.

Under review

Translating mouse control to a 3D plane inside the game world is a bit of a challenge, but I would like to make it happen. You may want to check the controls option menu because there is an alternate control scheme that doesn't require you to take your hand off the mouse, but it still doesn't use a cursor for selection unfortunately. But yes, I'm absolutely considering mouse cursor control, it's just a difficult proposition right now. Thanks for your feedback.

Controllers would solve that problem.

Not really.  Most PC gamers don't have controllers.

Yeah, controller support will be coming soon.

I can understand not using the mouse for the datapad as that allows you to continue moving when it is open. However, there is no reason not to do it on the container dialogs.