Not a bug

Hut not enterable. (Is this a bug? Or just not implemented?)

Twilight Sparkle 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

Found a small hut with a door.  (Size of a small tent)  Had a tower and machinery attached to it with 3 oxygen bottles attached.  Thought it was an emergency shelter (someplace you can stop to eat, drink, sleep) but the door had no interaction.  The only items that could be interacted with were the supply crates nearby and the oxygen bottles (which you could loot).

If it isn't supposed to be entered, there needs to be a visual reason not to.

Like rips in the canvas.

Not a bug

It's not usable yet. They will be implemented with the Dust Storms update.

Related question.... Will be be able to fix the rover?

Vehicles are on my list of planned updates, but it's unclear exactly how they will be implemented yet.