Game needs a hint on how to get blueprints.

Twilight Sparkle 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

I was confused for a long time wondering when I was going to find blueprints so I could build stuff.... before I learned I could disassemble items to learn how to make new ones.

Instead of a generic "You need a blueprints in order to build stuff" message.  Maybe change it to....

"You need a blueprint to create an item.  Find a blueprint or create one by disassmbling an object" or something to that effect.


Yeah, this is something I'm planning to fix soon. Thanks.

v0.54 now includes crafting plans that can be found as items (which get put in your documents app when you add them to your inventory). I'll add a new document that also explains that salvaging items unlocks their crafting plan in an update soon.

I had another idea for a hint.  Instead of modifying the text for the crafting table.  The salvage table hover text could say "Salvage items and re-create their blueprints"

Yeah, there are couple other places where I can put that information as well. I'll try to cover most places where players would look to figure that out.