HOTAS controller interfering with keyboard inputs

Steve Pinkston 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 9

Starting a new game in sandbox mode, I am finding that I cannot navigate the tablet using either the default 'arrow key' controls nor the alternative 'wasd' controls.  I can activate whatever button happens to be highlighted at the time, but cannot change the 'active button' in any way except for once by accident.  I had an XBox 360 controller plugged in that seemed partially active, and have had troubles in the past with some games not liking the controller, but after unplugging it the problem persists.  

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Hmm, that is a new issue I have not encountered. Controllers are not currently supported, though they will be added soon. Can I ask what platform you are playing on?

Steam on Windows 10.  AMD FX 4350 Quad-core, 16Gb RAM, Radeon HD 7800 with 2048 Mb VRAM, driver version 17.4.4.  I'm on my way out the door till the afternoon, but when I get back I was intending to start from a fresh restart without my controller nor my X32 HOTAS plugged in to see if that helped any.

Ah, yeah. I haven't checked yet, but there may be some code in there in preparation for controller support that might be fighting with your keyboard inputs if you have a unique input device connected to your PC. Let me know if disconnecting all other controllers solves your issue and if so I will track down the offending code and make sure it is disabled until controllers are officially supported. Thanks for reporting this.

Will do.  I had problems with...I think it was Skyrim and/or Fallout 4 having fits when the 360 controller was plugged in, even though I wasn't using it, so that's what made me check.  Will get back to ya.

Okay, so I had to unplug both my controller and my HOTAS, but the tablet works as intended now.  I think I heard a sound when I tested it with just my HOTAS plugged in (no controller), and what may be happening is that the game is detecting my throttle position (full-stop) and interpreting it as a 'down' command on the tablet, constantly making the cursor go to either Exit or Sort Inventory.  I haven't tried it with the controller plugged in without the HOTAS, but it works with both of them unplugged.


Okay, good to know. I'll have to investigate differentiating between types of controller inputs.

Will Xbox One controllers be fully supported / compatible ?  I think it would make the gameplay more fluid (even though it is already quite fluid).  

Yes, controller support is coming soon.


I believe that the next patch should resolve the issue of any plugged in controllers conflicting with the datapad input controls. When I add controller support in the near future you may need to disable or unplug any non-standard controllers like flight sticks before enabling the controller option in the menu or else you will still encounter this problem.