Loosen the leash!!!!!!!!!!

jaymorton97 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 5

LOve the game. Hate that I cannot go more than a 100 meters or so without my battery dying. The consumption rate is just too much.There is just no time to explore nor get more than a couple hundred meters from the hab. There are many other ways to make the game a challenge without resorting to the short leash. I have yet to see one of these space survival games survive with these kind of restrictions.... Just my 2c and I have played soo many of the survival type games and they all die when all you can do is stress about your oxygen and stuff literally every 4 to 6 minutes.. Too short of a time most of all in sandbox where the point is to explore build ect....



Yeah, I'll be making some adjustments soon. Appreciate the feedback.

I agree that the oxygen and battery consumption limits the time spent in exploration. However, it makes you plan your trips/journeys before leaving the habitat and makes the game more realistic.


Yeah, I probably won't extend the limits that much. Just a little extra leeway. I agree that the need for planning and preparation is a big part of the game.

I like the leash but have to agree to severe  and where are the Martians anyways? lol   also really liking the game dying a lot too