Create notification if a component fails while being installed if the power to the unit hasn't been turned off first

Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

Sometimes if you install an electrical component into a module it will fail if the power to the unit has not been turned off first. I will add a tutorial notification so that this is explained. It is in the equipment manuals, but it should be more clear.

Might want to add a sound effect.  Arching electricity? Maybe a small visual effect like a bit of smoke coming from the failed component for a minute or so....

You could make it spark/explode and kick us back a ways. That would get the point across.


I've added sparks in the next update. I will still be adding a tutorial popup for the first time it happens, but tutorial text involves saving/loading (to prevent the same popup happening every time it happens) so I'll get to that a bit later.


There will be a notification about the failed component in the next update.