Resolution switching back to 640 x 480

Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

Translated from German post in Steam Forums:

Activate under "Options"> "Controls" "Old Datapad Controls", then I can no longer use the bed and thus no longer save the game. I switch "Alt Datapad Controls" again, then everything works as usual again.

If I go with "Alt Datapad Controls" switched on with a click on "Main Menu" out of the game, it always happens that the resolution (Display Resolution) is adjusted to 640 x 480.

OS: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

Can someone confirm the two bugs someone?


A fix for the sleep timer mouse input bug will be in 0.55p3 soon. I'll be looking into the other issue with the resolution as well.

I had the game resolution change to 640 x 480 today by itself. I think it happened as I was exiting the game using the proper menu selections. Then when I restarted it was still low res, I went into options and changed it back to 1920x1080 then played the game.

Just confirming that this happened to me too.


Okay, I can't say that I've tested this under all possible conditions yet, but I believe the instance described in the original post has been fixed and will be in the next patch.