Mouse Sensitivity option would be great

jonah237 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 5

Mouse/Camera moves very slow when playing on my system. An option to adjsut would be fantastic


A bit of feedback on this if I may resuse this topic...

Slightly moving up the sensitivity range represented by the 1-10 setting range might be in order as I found that it starts to become convenient around the 7-8 setting. I know it's rather subjective, but the half a meter mouse movement you need to do for a 180 on the low end is unlikely to be preferred by a lot of people, so with the current setting-to-sensitivity mapping, most of the setting range is ineffective. I'd say the current 6 (maybe even 6.5) should be the new 5 or thereabouts.

While I think for most people you might be correct about that, I know some users have a mouse that has hardware level sensitivity options and so offering some lower end sensitivity options allows those users to have more freedom to set their hardware to a high sensitivity while keeping the game sensitivity low to balance it out. That way they don't have to change the hardware sensitivity every time they enter or exit the game.