Need warning when systems fail when you are in the Hab sleeping/crafting

Jonatan Hofslagare 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 9

If a system fails while crafting it wont be visible until the lights go out or other catastrophic failures, so if your suit is empty you cant even go outside to fix the problem because neither hab or suit has any power, this needs some warning or maybe blue lights when the power drops below 10% on the hab. 

I would put warnings on the habitat datapad in order to know if a system is failing, without knowing which component is causing problem.


Sure, just a prompt saying the hab isnt functioning when you start crafting. But we need an alarm because what if it happens when we sleep?

Under review

I agree that more could be done to warn the player. When you are inside you don't have your helmet hud to provide you warnings like you do when you are outside, so I'm looking into warning lights and other such indicators that could be inside the hab to alert you to low power levels and things like that. Thanks for the suggestion.


If the O2/Heat/Power/Water recycler system were to fail on a hab, there SHOULD be an alarm status panel that has a light/strobe/alarm klaxon that'll warn everyone that they've got a problem.

For Oxygen and Heat, there should be an alarm. Two different sounds would make it easier to distinguish them (not for the first time but after).


Power failure should see a gradual decrease in light intensity until it goes dark. I mean when it goes dark, it's pretty obvious that there is a system failure.


For Water, I think there should be a little blue warning light in the hab flashing.  


Maybe like the ISS, they have Laptops everywhere and they usualy are either for projects, but all of them are connected to the internal network. This means that they can check the global stats from almost every station. maybe some larger laptop like hab terminals with the live status on them aswell? so you dont even have to open the terminal to see the current oxigen production or electric status (in a color) and just the title of the device to open it.

Perhaps a green/yellow/red light for each of the 4 systems which are up on the wall somewhere. We can see the system status at a glance this way. When one changes to red then it could flash, making the room turn red from it's light a couple times, to draw our attention. I'm thinking of how I have seen ref flashing lights on the wall, similar to ones on top of an 1950s ambulance that spin around when they are lit up. I have seen this in movies and it looks cool. An audio alert would be good too. You could make the flashing red light and sound very sudden so as to startle us. Would make for some fun gameplay. This simple type of status display seems to fit with the game as you already have a three tiered status on each system. Which is only visible when outside looking at each on/off switch. It also seems like the type of status/alert system which would be installed with a 'real' mission to Mars using today's technology.

A relatively simple, barebones warning system could be simply to change the screen content of the terminals used to access the hab status screen. Eg. current white text on black bacground - everything's ok, red text on black background - something's offline, use me for details! Maybe an in-between (yellow?) state to indicate that a part slot sowehere is below a certain threshold and should be looked into (but this would need a much more complex polling of all hab systems and slot states).


There are now status indicators on the walls of the habs. They do not currently sound an alarm, but the status of the various exterior modules should be much more obvious while in the hab. I may add alarms in the future if deemed necessary.