Automatic walking feature?

John Ng 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 6

Will there be a future addition to allow auto walk? Walking back to the Hab from nav station or a pod could at times be quite draggy especially during night time and distance being more than 2km

True, it would be useful. But, don't you run out of Oxygen when travelling more than 3km?


Yeap, but you do have O2 Canisters for that too.

That's true. My bad. But yeah I still think it would be useful.

And I mean, you could make it so that you only have to press one key to enable it and press again to disable it.

Under review

This would be pretty easy to implement, but I'm trying to limit addition inputs and controls until I finalize a button remapping option and controller support, so it may not get implemented until I do all those at once. Thanks for the suggestion.

Having a key to autowalk is important as holding a key down to walk is hard on the hands. I'm an old gamer with hands that hurt all the time. This type of gameplay is important to an ageing gaming community! :)


Yeah, this feature was just added in the last update. I forgot to mark it completed on here. Thanks.