Calories and ReHydration

cybergrid 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 8

I understand the desire to make the game difficult, but since this is a Mars Simulation and Sandbox at that, the question I have is if we were on Mars would you really be able to only move for a few hours and then your calorie intake and hydration would be that important to were you would die. How long would you really be able to go before you would die of lack of calories and water? Anyway my my suggestion is just a little less punishing in this area. Other than that really enjoying the game.


I'm working on a balance update right now that will reduce the rate that those stats decay slightly. I'll keep massaging it a bit over time to find the right mix of survival and exploration. The update should be available in the next day or so.

I would suggest a few other tweaks...

Water/Drink additives that allow extra calories that a suited user can sip from. The same would go for some paste for energy/sustenance while on extended EVA. 

Current NASA kit allows for the astronaut to eat a cereal bar that's inside the area of the EMU upper torso area. Thought that's something that needs to be eaten at once to avoid crumbs floating around in the suit.  

I could have sworn that in my research I found that they no longer support the use of food bars in the EVA suits for precisely the crumb issue that you noted, but it's conceivable that they might find some other solution by the time a Mars mission is launched. I'll certainly look into it more.

I think there should be food generator or something or growing plant as food don't get generated like water bottles are.
In Planetbase there are growing plants and vitromeat (http://planetbase.wikia.com/wiki/Vitromeatsynthetically generated meat)

I really love your game, just there should me more clues where to find vehicle and that you can attach portable solar panels to the suite. To refill empty canister with oxygen you first need to deconstruct one right ?.
Please create a basic tutorial :)

No need to deconstruct the O2 tanks to refill. Just go to the workbench and select the 'build filled tank' function. It's not really rebuilding you're just taking an empty tank and filling it with pressurized O2. 

I think there used to be a bug that prevented you from filling a canister with oxygen if you didn't have any other crafting plans unlocked, but I believe that has been fixed now. So as long as your Reoxygenator is functioning or running on reserve power you should be able to fill a canister at the crafting station.

What I read was that the food bars are rarely used by the space walkers simply because it's a PitA if they do have crumbs. And admittedly the crumb issue IS really a problem exclusive to zero G, aspirating a bit of food into one's lungs is how you can have a mission abort due to Aspiration pneumonia. In a pressure suit in a differential environment like mars, it's just more of something to make you stink inside the suit you've been wearing for the past 3 days. 

Additionally a pair of sipping tubes for a combination of  water/energy drink and/or pasty food would be reasonably expected for folks expecting to perform many hour tasks in EVA suits on mars where the environment is not trying to kill you as much as full hard vacuum is. In that case one of the hard limits may be the liquid and solid waste issue for such an outside the hab worker. The suits will be designed to deal with the issue to a degree, but it's still not glamorous. 

I don't suppose you've thought of modeling the challenge that the Astronauts have with dealing with waste? At least it's not zero Gee so there's less complexity for the future Dr Floyds.  

Haha, that is my all-time favorite film by the way. And excellent point on the difference between zero-g space walks and planetary EVAs. I think there is definitely room for a specific food item that can uniquely be consumed while on an EVA. I'll see what I can do.