EVA Suit condition checks and maintenance + field recharge

Ryan Gill 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

Hi, couple of questions, I've played a bit of the sandbox and managed a 15 survive time before realizing I was running out of things to do. It's currently saved and waiting on more stuff to do. It's a lovely game and I like the effects of things. I've actually run myself ragged keeping the supply stocks up so I've had precious little time as a player to actually stop and look at the scenery. 

Anyhow, couple of suggestions:

1. Suit condition and checks. One of the common tropes of hard scifi (and real operations in space or under water) is that you MUST MUST MUST check your suit condition. Condition of seals, abrasions, damage, debris in a seal, etc. Failing to do so is how you EVA yourself to death. Upon re-entry into the HAB, one task would be re-charging/resupplying O2, water and power. So too at the same time would be a check of the condition of the suit and stowage. If we're going to have a possible death due to the Hab Module's Environmental systems failing, then there should possibly be a problem with one's suit as well. Such things should be easily fixed however in most cases. Clean the seals, replace a seal with a semi-consumable part, repair a tear, etc. Spare suits or helmets would also be something one could find to deal with a badly damaged suit that leaks O2....

2. Suit power while performing EVA tasks. I've found my biggest obstacle to field work has been 'my' EVA suit's heater/scanner power and not caloric intake or water/air. If we have the ability to re-charge the air, then we should also have an ability to swap some high current hour batteries in the field too. Some batteries that can be recharged or even built from parts would be useful. Being able to snag power from one of the NAV-points which have their own power would also be handy. Obviously if you draw too much, you may pull it off line until it's power system can re-charge sufficiently. 


I really love both ideas, and in fact they are both aspects I have been toying with for a while now as well. Right now my priorities are in stabilizing the current suite of game features, but I will absolutely be adding things like your suggestions soon. I appreciate the feedback.