Transitions during repairs

Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

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Do not know if they are necessary, but could the black screens be replaced with a message when something is repaired or a component is replaced? Perhaps something to the effect: Component Repaired... or Component Replaced. I imagine it is used to simulate the passage of time,however, with the above suggestion perhaps a note that so much time has passed or is it even necessary. Maybe the time counter could just add on some time. The black screens are somewhat of an immersion breaker.

Yeah, I would definitely put a notice saying: 'Component Repaired at 15:02' or 'Component Replaced' and below 'Intervention time: 0.6 hours'.

If you get what I mean.

I'm not sure why the black transitions are there. I would prefer they just be removed.

As time passes, I understand a black screen, but would a small animation of the work being done be nice? maybe like in Portal when you just leave the elivator, that style of animation (but your own) like a general education video showing how a NASA or whatever employee is suposed to repair a Carbon filter or how to properly install a portalble solar panel.

I understand that requires alott more thinking and drawing works or maybe hiring a animator for such transitions, but I gues an animation would make it another game, search for all animations :D ... or just a text describing why time is passing.


For now I'm adding a bit of text during the black screen that tells you how long you are spending repairing the slot which is dependant on the current integrity of the slot. A failed slot takes 30 minutes to repair and then that amount scales, so a 50% integrity slot takes 15 minutes to repair, etc. I'm going to mark this completed for now just because it's not in the current budget to create some kind of repair animation, but I could revisit it in the future.

The next update will no longer have a complete fade to black. It will fade partially and you can see the time-of-day progress quickly (shadows move, time in HUD, etc).