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Add previous track or explored area to the map

Cris Streetzel 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

The map should give some indication of areas that have been explored, either by using 'fog of war' shading or by simply displaying all of the players GPS tracks on the map.

Under review

That's an idea I have considered in the past and just haven't gotten around to experimenting with it yet. I would love to try something like a travel line in the future though. Thanks for the suggestion.

A way to mark visited/explored areas could be to have a monochrome and a colored version of the map, the monochrome being the default, and where the player has been would get colored. Sort of like as if the suit would be constantly gathering more detailed terrain data around itself by some built in automatic imaging tech and updating the map to a higher resolution/detail version with the results (actually, the monochrome map could also be "degraded" a little to include visible pixelation, and the colored map would be in the original, current resolution).

As for specific implementation, it could be a smooth 300 m radius around the player as they move (probably difficult to implement, and especially save the explored vs. non-explored area), or the map texture could be split into evenly sized rectangular tiles (of a size that somehow correlates to the 300 m scan range of the suit, like 300m x 300m tile size, or maybe only 200x200 to compensate for the circular scan area vs. rectangular map tile), and they would get swapped from the monocrome to the colored tile (and their state saved) once the player entered the corresponding area of the game world.

So long as the clearing range is no farther than the shortest actual sensor range.