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Fell below terrain upon hab exit

Alex Lyman 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 8

I just exited Hab Gamma, and I saw the terrain above me, flying away.

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Well that's certainly not good. Were you able to reload your save game and did the issue return? Or did this only happen the one time?


I've changed a bit of the habitat unloading code to hopefully prevent this in the next patch.

It may not be entirely fixed yet. I just fell through an airlock floor after transitioning from interior to exterior has finished, but did not pass through the terrain itself. I ended up on the ground under the habitat, but luckily didn't get stuck and could walk out (but not back in all the way to the point where I was, so I guess there's some one way clipping involved).

It happened at the East Hab location, LAT 283.094, LON -6.4856

...actually, as it turns out, it's not the transition. I tried to go back inside to test again, but there is a (not visible) gap across the floor: if I walk from the outer door towards the inner door on the exterior version of the airlock room, I fall through the floor a step or two in from the outer door and end up under the habitat but can walk out.

The odd thing is that I could enter the habitat without any problem the first time, but once I exited, that part of the floor became hollow so I can't get back in anymore.

A bit more on this. It seems to be caused by some kind of loading anomaly. I left the "sector" in which the bugged habitat was, went back to another one, entered it, rested, got out, went back to the previously bugged habitat (again passing the sector load line, obviously) and between the previous and the current visit, the floor "solidified" so I could get to the inner door again and enter.

And then I could enter and exit several times without the gap ever returning. So sadly, it doesn't appear to be reliably reproduceable and/or may have been some transient issue that did happen once, for whatever reason, but maybe won't ever happen again.

Ah yes, the best kind of bug. Hard to say what's going on, but I could probably just place a second floor collider just below the one present in the airlock, which would hopefully work as a fallback collider if the other one fails again.

Under review

I'll recheck this collision issue. Hopefully it's not related to the loading issue, but I'll try to track it down.