Could not replicate

Run function switches off

Sven_Q45 4 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 5

Sometimes after I jump or change directions the run function switches off. Or when I go over a barrier.

Under review

You may have just run out of stamina. I need to find a way to visually represent your stamina in a way that feels realistic. Right now it's kind of a hidden stat.

But why only then? When I run just straight she runs.

Hmm, I am unable to recreate this issue. My run only gets disabled when my stamina is depleted. Perhaps you may be noticing that your velocity is impacted by the slope of terrain or rocks you are traversing? If you are running/walking uphill your velocity is reduced and if you are running/walking downhill your velocity is increased. If you move between drastic slope changes you might perceive a noticeable movement speed change. One way to tell for certain is if the run breathing sound effects continue. The run breathing sounds will stop if your running is disabled (either because you stopped holding the run key or you deplete your stamina).

Could not replicate

I've never been able to recreate this specific bug so for now I'm marking it as "Could not replicate" but if anyone else experiences this issue they should still be able to search the forum and comment here. I will need more reports to determine if this is truly a bug.

Maybe it´s because there is a little bump somewhere.