Lit habitat windows when power is on

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 5

The windows of the habitats (and the airlock door portholes) are dark from the outside regardless if the habitat is powered on. While I understand the interior is not modeled in external view, at least a combination of emissive textures and local lights could be used to emulate light coming through the windows when the habitat is powered.

I agree that small details like this can add to the experience. I'll see what I can do.


I hit a major bug that is only showing up in the build and is not visible in the editor, so that is delaying the update release. Part of the bug affected the lighting of the habitats so I had to rebuild them. That gave me an opportunity to revisit this idea and I was able to implement it. It looks really nice.

So far I've got light coming in the hab from outside, but I can do the outside windows too.

A rare occasion of having to spend time fixing a bug coming with further benefits. :)

While it's difficult to judge from a single screenshot, but it looks like the overall light level is the same in the unpowered habitat as before, other than the local lighting near the window. Light coming through even a tiny window makes a lot of difference compared to a completely sealed and thus pitch black room (not seeing anything at all vs. being able to make out the outlines of objects, but not enough to see colors/details the very least), so I'd say raising the ambient light level to the point where it's just noticeable would make the scene look more natural.

Yeah, I'm still experimenting with that. I'm working with the ambient light to also try and make the lighting models more consistent between the loaded and unloaded airlock versions.