Portable solar panel not preventing running

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

The description of the portable solar panel says it prevents running when equipped and gets unequipped when entering a Hab. However, currently neither of those happens, so either the description needs to be updated if the current behaviour is intentional, or the item needs to be fixed if it should work as the description says.

Under review

Thanks for the heads up. I'll review.


I fixed this issue. Will be in the next update along with proper encumbrance (preventing you from running if you have over 50kg of items in your inventory).

Preventing running indeed has been fixed, but it's still not getting unequipped when entering the habitat.

It's a problem since you don't have the option to unequip it while inside (when you select it in the inventory while inside, the unequip/drop options don't appear at the bottom of the left side panel), so you won't be able to run there either (yea, I know, I'm too impatient for wanting to run even in a small place like the hab interior :). I guess this was the reason why it's supposed to get uneqipped on entering.

Actually... can't run inside even when it's unequipped. Was it possible to run while inside previously at all, or I remember it wrong? I'm pretty sure it was. At any rate, the not being able to unequip it part still stands.

Running inside was never allowed. I'm rethinking the auto-unequip thing anyways though. I'll revisit the code and see what I want to do with it. Thanks.