Incorrect weight check when picking up panels at the "3 solar panels" location

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

The large solar panel at the "3 solar panels" location can't be picked up (gives a "not enough inventory space" message when left clicked) unless there's a lot more free space than what would be required. The panel weighs 10 kgs, but I could not pick it up at 40 kgs carry weight (10 kgs free, nor at 38 kgs to be sure that I have more than 10, not exactly 10) until I lowered my carry weight below 20 kgs (with 30 kgs free capacity I still could not pick it up, with 30.1 kgs free I finally could) by dropping items into a drop container. The other two panels at this location may have similar issues, but I ran out of test locations for checking that (I only had the large panel left at the only site I had available in the playthrough).


Thanks. I'll get on it.

Um, yeah... I kinda like that... I moved all my solar panels from one hab to the other so now every station at Hab Bravo is pulling 200%!   I was somewhere around 175Kg though...

Haha, enjoy it while it lasts! Will be fixed soon.


This should be resolved in the next update. Thanks again.