tyler i just got to say this game is one of the best  and well put together  game i have ever seen on early access my hats off to you  and your team i hope you keep up the good work


food growth and transportation would be awesome as would the outposts being something you can store with water, food, etc and sleep in there, should be like a small studio apartment in NYC or something lol... couple hundred squarefeet at best. just enough to sleep, cook, repair/craft but you can't stay long.


Food production (greenhouse) is planned for story mode, not sure if it will be added to survival too.

Vehicles are also planned and will be added to survival once completed, if I remember correctly.

You can already find a crafting plan for Pop Tents, which will be deployable field habitats with limited functionality (I'd guess mostly just being able to remove the suit so that you can eat and sleep) once fully implemented.