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Fast travel

Cris Streetzel 3 years ago updated by Mr. Fusion 3 years ago 3

A good portion of my time in game is moving over areas I've already explored.... getting back to the edge of the unexplored zone, getting back to hab, moving between habs. It would reduce the tedium if we could fast travel in a manner similar to Fallout. Once a location is visited, we could initiate fast travel on the map. The game should indicate the cost in calories, water, and O2 and confirm the choice - similar to the way sleeping is done. The consumption costs could be set slightly higher than a manual trek to eliminate any 'cheating'.

Under review

This is a possibility, but I'm sure you can appreciate that it would require some serious design considerations. Like you mentioned, it would have to be balanced to avoid "cheating" and it might change the entire tone and atmosphere of the game. I'm personally against it because I think the eventual inclusion of vehicle travel might alleviate the frustration of walking places you've already been. I'm reluctant to experiment with fast travel until after vehicles are included. Once I include a fast travel option it's not something I could easily remove without players feeling cheated, even if it was replaced by vehicle travel.

Fair enough. Vehicles would be more fun anyway.

While walking 1500-2000 meters in "real time" between two habs several times does feel somewhat of an empty time sink, being able to magically teleport from one to another (even with consumable use and travel time simulated) would be way too out of place for me here. You would end up just jumping between locations for short bursts of activities without taking an actual step anymore, and the feel of the size of the world you are stranded in would get lost as a result.

I think vehicle travel, once implemented, should be enough to shorten travel time in a way that fits the overall theme of the game better. Even that should come with some limitations, like it would take a lot of time to recharge the vehicle, and it would deplete its power much faster than it takes to recharge, forcing you to occasionally still walk to places as the vehicle is currently in recharge for another Sol or two.