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So much (slow) walking...

Steven 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

I really like this game but the time scale compared to how fast you walk is totally wonky. I just died in a 12+ hour walk over 5 kilometers. A 5k walk should take somewhere under an hour in the real world. Three times that (or 3 hours) would be reasonable while wearing a "space" suit and carrying how much ever gear you have.

I understand the logistics of he the game and the balancing of every thing but come on. 

And automatic waling would be nice.  Currently I jam a screw drive on the W key...

Under review

The ~ key is to toggle auto walking. Right now the time scale is set to be faster to create more of a sense of urgency and change of scenery while traveling, so that can skew things to be unrealistic. Balance changes will continue to be made.

I also feel time might be going a bit too fast. Often I found myself waking up just around / before sunrise planning for a longer trip, then went to the storage to pick up some food to eat, water to take with me and make some inventory <-> storage arrangement, then eat and head out... and it's already past noon by the time I get out with only having done just those few quick things...?

So I'm also for considering slowing game time down just by a little bit. For me it's on the verge of being just about right but with times when it feels off, even taking the need of an acelerated rate into account.

Maybe slightly increse the time needed for system slot maintenance, crafitng and salvaging (does salvaging take time now, by the way? if it does't, it should since you're not just smashing things to pieces and picking up the debris, but carefully dismantling something to keep materias reusable as much as possible) to at least situationally compensate for the "extra" time changing the ratio would provide?

Another trick could be to make time go slightly slower while inside a habitat compared to whatever rate it goes by while outside. This could help keeping the visible effects of the passage of time noticeable when they are actually visible, and remedy the above mentioned "I only got up, ate, drank, grabbed my stuff, and yet it took me half a day" effect.

Also, while I've not explicitly tested this, but it seemed to me that game time is still passing while you are waiting for the load transition between interior to exterior, and if that's the case, that also can rob you of a fair amount of time. Granted, it's a lengthy process from an in-game perspective (getting into the EVA suit, sealing it, verifying integrity and systems, waiting for pressure equalization etc.) so it should take a fixed amount of time, but load time (which varies by software/hardware environment of the player) shouldn't add time on top of that if it's just done by a "mark the real time when transition begins, mark when transition ends and skip game time forward accordingly" method.

Figured the ~ on my own.

And I understand the urgency of everything

and again a good game.

I have "died of Dysentery" for the second time... lol

It would also be nice to be able to find a shovel/spade. I've come across at least three sites where I need an "excavation tool..."  

And thanks for the reply.


I think a real time game could be good. Time only go faster when doing repairs, crafting or sleeping, maybe on eating and drinking too.

It's possible that I could enable a "real-time" mode later on. The code currently supports changing the time-of-day rate.

Just died again.  I must have walked 8+k.