Last (only) photo in Datapad gets stuck when deleted

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2

If you delete the last (only) photo in the Photos part of the Datapad, it gets "stuck" on the Photos screen: it's still displayed as if it was an existing photo but the Edit menu no longer works as the photo doesn't actually exit anymore.

Additionally, every time you make a single photo then delete it, the photo counter will get increased but never reset to 0 when the (last) photo is deleted. Eg.: take one photo, it will read 001. Delete it, it will still read 001 even though you have no photos. Take another photo, now it will read 002, even though it's the first and only photo you currently have. Delete it and take another one, now it will be 003, while again actually being the only photo you have.

Under review

Thanks. The photo app can be difficult to account for since it relies on reading actual folders and files on your computer. I'll do another pass on it to make sure I account for these situations.


Okay, I believe that this should be fixed in the update. It's hard to test for all the ways a user might delete or move files on their own, but I think the two specific cases you identified here are fixed.