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Steam treats web browser opened by the game as being the game itself

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 5

If you use the Feedback menu item in the main menu, it will open the default browser. However, for some reason Steam considers this browser instance as a Steam application, and applies the Steam Overlay on it: when the browser starts, you will see the overlay hint popup in the bottom right of the browser window, and you can open the Overlay onto the browser window by using the hotkey assigned to it in Steam. As long as this browser instance is open, Steam will still report you playing Lacuna Passage even if the game itself isn't actually running (anymore).

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Huh... that is very odd. I'll have to see if there is a work around for this.

I was unable to replicate this issue. Are you running the game on Mac or PC and what web browser are you using?

Could not replicate

Until I can get more information or other reports from more users I'm gonna mark this as "Could not replicate".

Apparently I missed your request for more information back then, sorry.

PC, Windows 7 64 bit, Firefox 54.0 32 bit

Activating the overlay on the browser window takes several seconds, but if you open the Task Manager, you'll see 2 instances of GameOverlayUI.exe. Setting Task Manager to show the command lines of the processes reveals that one of these instances are opened for the PID of the game, and another for the browser process.

I'm on Windows 10 and still can't replicate this (on Chrome or Firefox), and unfortunately I don't have a Windows 7 device to test this on. I'm not sure how much I could do anyways since the Steam overlay is something that I don't have any control over. It gets automatically injected into the game when it first runs and I can't do anything about how it behaves after that point. I'd be interested to collect more reports about this though.