Not a bug

Habitat power charge overflows into suit power

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by azhockeynut 3 years ago 3

While being inside a powered up a habitat, once the habitat reserve power got charged to 100%, the EVA suit starts to receive charging as if it was somehow linked to the Hab's power system. It may be intentional, but I think it would look kinda funny to run around with an extension cord attached to the suit to get it charged "on the go" like that. :)

Not a bug

This is intended. When the reserve battery is fully charged it will then directly charge your suit battery. Technically you are removing your suit when you enter, but that's not visually depicted right now.


Although the "right now" part may in fact hint at something like this, but maybe this could be communicated to an extent by placing am EVA suit / mannequin in a standing / suspended pose somewhere in the airlock room when the Hab is in a condition that allows you to fully remove it.

I thought I entered one Hab where several suits were hanging by the lockers, maybe it was in the airlock. that is how I made the assumption I do not have it on in the hab itself.'