"Drill Rover" site not added to map

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 16

I found a "Drill Rover" site which did not get marked on the map once discovered. I think this was the first one I ever saw so I can't tell if it may be an issue with the site itself or with the location it was placed at. At any rate, if that helps, the ingame coordinates I found it at were Lat 283.072, Lon -6.4689.

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Thanks. These stupid map markers not working correctly are going to give me an aneurysm.

By any chance was this from a save file that was started prior to the last update and you continued it after the update? If so, there was a change in how some of those locations were recorded in the save file so they would have been mixed up after trying to "upgrade" the save file to the new version. They should work fine now if you start a new game with the most recent version.

No, it happened in a new game started in 0.56.2. I revisited the location two times after the initial "discovery", coming in from different directions and the "discovered and added to map" event consistently never triggered for that location.

I still have the save, I can check it once more to be sure, and can attach the save file if that helps figuring it out.

I realized I forgot to ask you for your save file in this instance. Do you still have a game save where the discovery is not being registered?

If I do let me know how and where you want it happy to help

You should be able to attach it here directly in a response. Thanks.

I no longer have that save the original post was about, but there's another instance of it in my current v0.57 save as posted below in this thread. The location is Lat 283.077, Lon -6.5288, in this save: drill_rover_site_save.zip

Another player however found the location I originally reported, his post being in this thread: https://lacunapassage.userecho.com/topics/272-the-hidden-achievements-are-visible-in-the-global-achievements-list-on-steam/. Maybe he still has that save for that location.

I, also, have that same issue. It also applies to the Scout Rover. Is there more than one drill rover and one scout rover? I have found 2 scout rovers and 2 drill rovers in my current play thru, on latest update, and all 4 do not show up on my map.

Also, after looting them and returning back to the HAB for a save then quit, upon Continue, the rovers and drills had respawned to a different location.

Actually, scout rovers are not considered "primary objectives" and have never been added to the map automatically. Primary Objectives are separated by their ability to hold oxygen filled containers, effectively making them exploration checkpoints. I think I fixed the issue with drill rovers though. Will be in next update.


Thanks for the reports everyone. I'll be working on a fix, but since it is tied to save files it makes it a bit harder to pin down.

Just had this happen to me along with the mini rover

Another possible location for the non-discoverable Drill Rover is Lat 283.077, Lon -6.5288. It persisted through several save/continue cycles and was never added to map when approached.


Holy hell... I think I finally figured at least part of this bug out. It wasn't a save issue. It was a vision raycast issue. When the drill rover is on almost completely flat terrain the view collider is just below the center point of the rover itself which is where the raycast targets, so the player technically doesn't "see" the rover. On sites where the drill rover is on a slant the view collider is tilted enough to be in the raycast path for vision so with those sites it is discoverable. I'm guessing that some sites are close enough to the tilt threshold that it might be "visible" only from specific viewing angles. I just moved the view collider up and applied that to all drill rover sites so that hopefully this should no longer be an issue. This seems separate from the moving map objective issue that should have been fixed previously. I'll check the scout rover locations now since AlpineHiker03 said some of those were undiscoverable also.

EDIT: Actually, scout rovers are not considered "primary objectives" and have never been added to the map automatically. Primary Objectives are separated by their ability to hold oxygen filled containers, effectively making them exploration checkpoints.

Interesting. I'd have expected it to be a simple spatial collider around the objects, which, when entered by the player, triggers the discovery. I guess it also exlpains why some objects get discovered from a relatively large distance while others (even of the same kind) only when you are quite close to them: it depends on the terrain, orientation and your approach direction, influencing when do you "spot" the vision collider of that specific object instance.

There is a range check first. Then it checks to see if the object is within the camera bounds. Then it checks if there is anything between you and the object that would be obscuring your view like the terrain or a large rock, which is why there is a raycast. Then if all of those things are satisfied, it has a delay after which it checks all of those things a second time to ensure you are still looking at the object, implying that you have actually noticed the object and not just glanced your view past the object. Maybe a bit overkill, but it makes more sense for the story mode when Jessica may comment on the things she finds, so I had to make sure that the player is actually aware of the same thing Jessica is talking about when it triggers.