Some requests

luckyseven 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1


Thank you for this wonderful game I'm really enjoying it so far!

I would like to request/suggest an anotherl option to save the game maybe at a waystat in addition to sleeping. Maybe I'm the only one but as it is right now these long walks sometimes get interrupted by real life and I simply don't have time to make it back to the habitat to save my game. I'm sure this wont be an issue with future updates if vehicles are added but as it is now it feels like a big problem to me. Thanks in advance


It's something I'm considering, but right now my main concern is feasibility of testing. By requiring the player to sleep in order to save it vastly reduces the number of variables that need to be recorded for the save file. This makes it easier to ensure that things are being loaded back in correctly when you relaunch the game. The plan right now is to implement the option to save by sleeping in an emergency pop tent while out on an EVA, but those won't be coming until the Dust Storms update.