Could not replicate

Can't use WASD to navigate on the datapad

wrongwayjerry 3 years ago updated by Jason Broadley 3 years ago 7

The latest update does not allow using WASD on the datapad.

Could not replicate

Make sure that you are set to alternate datapad controls in the options menu.

Ah - sorry. You are correct. Works as designed. :-)

I just started playing and I'm having a similar problem here. I tried setting to alternate datapad controls but it didn't help. I am noticing that I seem to be locked to the controls on the left side (Home, Help, Menu, Exit), I can seem to move between those fine, but I cannot move right onto the rest of the datapad to highlight any other options. Also, there is a constant ticking sound, like the sound when you move the selected option on the datapad... it's almost like there's a virtual left-arrow key being held down.

This sounds like one of the common Unity issues with input device management, where the engine incorrectly detects a constant phantom input under certain conditions. A typical symptom of it is the "left" control being stuck, manifesting itself in the player character constantly spinning to the left without any user input at all, or in this case, the selection being constantly forced to the left.

Do you have any kind of game controller/gamepad or joystick (anything other than a regular keyboard and mouse) plugged in? Try to unplug all of them before starting the game and see if the issue persists. Also, if you have any virtual joystick/gamepad software (things that emulate such input by mapping their functions to keyboard keys or mouse movement), that is also prone to cause this even when not running: you have to completely uninstall them to fix this.

If this is the case, there's not much the developer can do: I've seen this issue in a number of other Unity based games and all they could do was adding various workarounds to disable input devices completely, or tell the player to physically remove them before playing, since the cause is not in their code, but in Unity itself.

I'm hoping to release a new update today which will introduce control remapping. This might help to alleviate the issue, but hard to say until it's tested by players experiencing the Unity input glitch.

Awesome! I look forward to testing it tonight. I'll return with an update once I've had a chance to try things out.


I'm back and good news! Whatever you did, the arrow keys are working perfectly with the datapad now, and when I move around with WASD while holding the datapad, the datapad pulls back enough that I can see how much I'm moving around. (It used to just cover the screen and I had no idea how far I was moving.) Nice job, thank you for the fix!