Can Not Equip Portable Solar Panel

MarsWalker 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 10

SnowWalker here. I have just started a new game. I was able to equip a portable solar panel the first time and then later unequipped it but I was never able to equip it again. Not only that but the game keeps adding more portable solar panels to my inventory that I didn't have. I initially took one from a solar panel array outside and then went inside the hab. While checking equipment I noticed I had two portable solar panels (psp) on me now. I added one to storage. I just shrugged that off thinking I may have had one on me all along and hadn't noticed yet. Later though, when I couldn't equip one again I went back inside the hab to put it into storage as well to then maybe remove again later and see if that helps. When I got to the storage....I had 3 solar panels on me now, and that was not including the one that was already in storage. So now I have four psps when I only should have one. Just before I quit the game just now, I had gone outside to try once more to equip the psp. I only had one on me since I put all of them but one into storage again. Once outside though...I have two on me again and still not able to equip one. I have my save file but not sure where to attach it?

I just went back into the game without saving again and I had three more psps in my inventory. Put two into storage, now altogether I have eight...from the first hab and I've only been here one sol and one night so far.and I only initially had just one.  I went outside to see if I could now equip it but still survivalmode.lpsaveunable....went back inside and I again have two psps in my inventory again. Now I have nine. 

Okay I've posted the save file but I guess my cursor was in the middle of the last sentence. You should still have it though. I am going to start a new game now and see if it gets corrected by itself. I still have the save file copied to my desktop though if you need me to send it again. Thanks.

Nope, second game still unable to equip the psp again after equipping it a first time and then unequipping it.....and they are still duplicating in my inventory.  I can't play like this because I rely on the psp to get me around. I'll wait until it's fixed I guess. Here is my new saved file. survivalmode.lpsave

Under review

Thanks. I did change some code about how portable solar panels function and I may have screwed something up. I'll take a look.


I believe I found the error and it will be in a hotfix soon.

Okay great. Tell me, when the hotfix goes live will I have to begin a new game?

You won't need to restart, but your duped extra portable solar panels will still be there. So I guess it might be a bit easier than intended since you have a bunch extra now.

Yeah, haha, that's what I was thinking. I'll start over. I think I've already got five extra psps in my new game. There wasn't enough solar panels at the first hab to begin with so I would have been scrambling and I don't want to play the game easier than it's supposed to be. I want the problems and risks. That first saved game I sent you I had to push it to find more food while running out of oxygen. I found a cache just in the nick of time boy. I was at zero. Sometimes the caches don't have oxygen tanks but thankfully that one did. I like having those risks. It was just after that when I found out about the psp not working.
Thanks so much though again.

I mean, you could always just drop the extra panels outside and then cycle through the airlock. Unloading the exterior environment destroys any dropped items.

That's a thought, but I'll probably restart again. The game I have now is exactly the same one (I think) of the game I had going before the update and in which I was on sol 40 or something like that...because the first hab I've just found in my current game is exactly where I found the third one in that other game before the update, I might know already where everything is....I haven't had time to test that theory though but if it is the same I wouldn't want that kind of head start either.

It would be pretty unlikely that everything would be the same. There are 9 possible spawn locations for habitats so you just happened to get the same spawn for one of them. Some things will randomly be the same as previous games, but many will be new/moved.

Yes, it's not the same. I didn't think so since it was the first hab this time and it was the third hab on the other game. Took me forever to find it that time too, lol.

Just noticed the hotfix. Started a new game. Everything's A-okay! You're all right, thanks!