Pacing of the game seems fast

wrongwayjerry 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 3

It feels like i am burning through food and water pretty quickly and I can die of starvation just hours after eating my last meal. I can understand dehydration being an issue but food I would expect to impact my performance such as walking or running but dying that quickly seems a bit extreme.

While I haven't played the latest version, but no consumption rate changes were indicated in the change log, and my previous play experience showed that it takes between 20-30 in game hours, depending on level of activity, to go from maximum to 0 calories, which is a more than realistic timeframe, meaning that you need to eat a full meal roughly once a day.

What might be somewhat confusing is how to interpret your overall "health" level, which is indicated by the organ integrity readout, not the calories count. You can have maximum calories and hydration and still die if you had previously let your organ integrity degrade to terminal levels (especially if, for example, you have accumulated some radiation exposure), as it reacts in a delayed manner to the other vital factors improving.


It should also take you quite a while to completely die from low/no calories. It should take roughly 7-9 in-game sols to go from full calories to death. That's assuming there are no other problems with your health like radiation, dehydration, or temperature. I'm marking this as declined, but there is always the possibility that you encountered a bug that caused you to die from starvation much faster than you should have. I'll keep an eye out for other reports.

Turns out there was actually a bug causing faster than intended death due to starvation. This will be fixed in an update soon to reflect the intended 7-9 days to die from starvation.