Can't remove components some times

wrongwayjerry 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 11

There are times when i am repairing a component and I can remove it and there are times when i can't. I can't figure out the rules of when it should be possible or not. Might be a bug. For example, i was checking on the electrical unit and it said i could remove the wires. I went off and did some other maintenance and when i came back i couldn't remove the wires. No idea why.

Could not replicate

This is probably because the wire had failed since the last time you checked it. Once a component fails it can no longer be put back in your inventory (though I may change that so you can still salvage failed components for use in crafting), you can only repair the slot which trashes the failed component. If you run into this issue again, make sure to check the component slot integrity and if it is 0% then that is what happened. For now I'm marking this as "Could not replicate" since we don't yet have more details.

Getting a broken, but salvageable component (yielding less materials) instead of nothing when fixing a broken slot has been on my "pending suggestions" list for a while now. I always thought that it's weird how a broken component just vanishes into thin air when removed, or gets discarded as a whole in a situation where every bit of salvageable material should count.

Hmm, well if the slots were indeed repaired and the components had not failed then it would be a bug if you couldn't remove them. If you could let me know which habitat location you were at that would be great. And report again if you experience the same thing.

I felt similar experience trying to reorganize solar panels. turns out when you repair the slot, the item can no longer be removed until the slot goes down a bit in "failure"   so at 99% I cannot take out a heating element, but if I go to bed get up and go get it in the morning at say 94% rather than repair slot, I can do it.

took me a while to figure it out. I was scrapping a hab to move to another one.

In my case it happened at Alpha and Beta with the electricity module. I was trying to remove the wires from beta so i could repair the broken electrical unit at alpha.

I am also all of a sudden in my game unable to remove any or most of the components in the modules or any solar panels. Every once in awhile now I am able to remove some things but not many.  It just happened today when I played as yesterday or before that, I was able to remove anything at any time or at any condition that I wanted. All my habs are up and running in great condition so it's not because of faulty wires. I'm far enough in my game that it doesn't really matter anymore though since I have found a lot of materials and equipment and I'm able to replace components as I need to. Just saying that it's just started happening. I wanted to remove some storage tanks from one hab to add to another hab but I can't do it now....but I'm just going to craft some more storage tanks tomorrow anyway.

Seems to be back to normal now. Not sure if it was just something I'm not understanding or what it was.

Can anyone confirm if you simply didn't have enough space in your inventory to remove the components? Also, is the slot integrity a factor for anyone other than azhockeynut. Just trying to eliminate other possibilities. Thanks everyone.

When it happened to me I thought about space in my inventory and I had plenty space also I had repaired the slot integrities but still couldn't remove components or solar panels. It corrected itself anyway the next time I played. I have no idea why it happened and it never happened before or again except for before the update when I couldn't remove heating elements. If it happens again I will send the save file.


Ah, I figured this one out. In the last update I made the Replace button check to make sure you have one or more of the required components needed to replace an empty slot and if you don't it disables the button. Only problem is that this is the same button used for removing items and I wasn't re-enabling the button when trying to remove an item. So if you have previously clicked on a slot that you don't have a replacement component for then the "Remove" button would be disabled for the next slot you tried to remove an item from. You could re-enable it by restarting the game or just by clicking on a component slot that you did have a replacement for in your inventory. Update will come before the weekend, but until then you can re-enable the button for yourself with the above steps if it happens again.

Actually, gonna hold off on the hotfix until I get a few other issues fixed next week.