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Walking Hazards? such as falling.

AlpineHiker03 3 years ago updated by MarsWalker 3 years ago 6

Something I noticed when walking around. My fear of dying in-game has been calories, and less with hydration, though I just found radiation. I have no fear of walking around in the dark. As my calories drop dangerously low, I find that I set a marker to the HAB, aim and auto-walk and/or run to "beat the clock". Possibly adding hazards, such as falling, un-passable dangerous terrain, (of course, weather, which is already planned), EVA malfunction or puncture/tear (w/ ability to repair), meteorites, cold, and other hazards could add to the experience.

Once I figured out caloric management, the rest is pretty easy. At first, I also thought food/water consumption was too fast, but I hardly had any resources. Once I discovered that there are plenty of resources available ( and in some sense, too much available), it made the rest of my play "easy".

I think the sandbox should be more difficult due to the harsh conditions of real life Mars. 

I disagree. The game gets easier because you gain experience. For a novice it requires all that you have learned since they lack experience. 

While eventually it becomes easier for all the game is still early and making it more difficult or challenging should be lower on the list than adding basic or advanced functions like using a Rover or scrapping a fallen satellite or sleeping in an outpost, making or growing food etc.

As time goes on many of those variables you mention can be added tweaked etc or even multiple difficulty levels with custom settings added to effect game play. 

All of that is simply my opinion though take it for the two cents it is worth.

The existence of various (currently ineffective) medical items hints at that there might be an injury system coming in the future. Along with that, we may start seeing terrain hazards added in some form and severity, which would be a good/needed addition.

As for the difficulty of the game in its current balance state, I'd call it nonexistent. Playing for the first time ever, I went on for 36 Sols (without death and reload, that is) with no prior experience or knowledge of game mechanisms, and I only stopped there when a now more or less fixed save related issue scrambled most of my previously discovered locations. Had that not happen, I could've continued that game until I run out of all the foodstuff initially spawned into the world and die as a consequence.

Mr.Fusion, if you've never died on Mars, you've never lived, lol. J/K

Under review

Thanks for the feedback. Some of the things you mentioned I'm definitely planning, and others I'm still gauging feedback. A reminder to everyone here that I am the only dev currently so every little mechanic and development goal takes a lot of planning and time to implement. And that's on top of fixing bugs for already existing mechanics. The next big feature addition is hopefully going to be dust storms and then we will see from there. Thanks again!

Tyler, if you are going to add dust storms, then might I suggest you rename the repairing slots to clearing dust or cleaning slots? seems weird they deteriorate and require repair but seems obvious they would need cleaning.  Just a thought, and yea I know you are a 1 man band. Impressive as it is. here to offer ideas and feedback and bug discoveries.

azhockeynut, strange that you've mentioned that because I've always just thought that the 'repairing' just meant only cleaning. I mean, how would you repair a slot anyway? A slot is a slot. Well maybe the connectors would need repairing, idk? I don't know much about these things. Good thing my character knows what she's doing, lol.