Landing pod storage

azhockeynut 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

I suppose the story will come out some day but the storage empty in the landing pod seems odd. Even an emergency escape pod would likely contain minimal food water and first aid. 

I kinda wondered about that too, but then I decided that what's in your inventory at start is what was there originally, only the player character took it without you doing so. (I'd consider it unlikely that she would be collecting a random assortment of items and keep them with her during an emergency evacuation and landing.)


That was pretty much exactly my thinking. Also, I didn't want there to be randomized items in the first pod because people might just restart until they get "better" randomized supplies. So every time you spawn with mostly the same items. The only ones that are variable are components necessary to repair the very first hab. So you will always be able to repair the first hab unless you screw something up.


I totally agree, I was assuming it would be explained in story or something perhaps on start or landing, before the use mouse to look around you could have a leading dialog that says something like "the ship was breaking apart, grabbing what little you could before launching the pod, you ejected...and your escape pod safely lands, your inventory contains what little you grabbed...now get to it....go find that hab!"