Stuck in habitat door

darker99 3 years ago updated by azhockeynut 3 years ago 3

In certain cases, it's possible to get stuck in the closing habitat door. See attached screenshots.

I have been able to reproduce this. To get stuck, close the door (or wait for it to close automatically) and then walk through the door opening. Press e to open the datapad just as you're about to be pushed away by the closing door. The opening of the datapad causes the pushing away to fail, and you're left inside the door and unable to move. It is possible to open the door afterwards, but you remain stuck. It might require a few attempts.

Minor bug as it requires you to press the wrong button at the wrong place at the wrong time, but still it happened to me by accident the first time.


Thanks. I'll see if I can create a safety check to prevent this.

While I didn't get stuck, a few times I managed to temporarily get inside the geometry of the door as it closes by moving towards the door opening at the same time the door started to close automatically.

In the few instances it happened, I got pushed out from the door volume by a collider only when the door has settled in the closed position, but until then, the point of view was mostly inside the closing door model.

Maybe adding a temporary collider to where the closed door will be, as soon as the door starts to move, in order to block/push the player out of the way and to a safe distance could be a solution?

I have done similar to be able to eat. Poke my head in and eat back 1 step and door closes