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Checklist style repairs on units

wrongwayjerry 3 years ago updated by azhockeynut 3 years ago 6

After a while of playing I find the "routine maintenance" of the habitat units to be not as fun as you might imagine. :-) It would be nice if there was just a list of the slots that can be maintained/repaired with a time next to each and I could just select the ones I want to fix. For example:

Fuze 1 Slot: 63%, Empty :: [ ] Repair or [ ] Repair and add Fuze - 14 min

Fuze 2 Slot: 78%, Full     :: [ ] Repair - 9 min

Having to click each repeatedly is not as enjoyable as exploring. I know I have to do my chores but since the time is deducted for doing the work i feel that is enough of a "penalty".

Under review

I'm considering adding a "Repair Entire Module" option at the main console for each of the four exterior modules. This would be a decent time investment (around 3-6 hours depending on the current integrity of all the components), but it would also save you the time of going around and clicking on each individual component. Do you feel like that would be a good option?

If you are pressed for time, which i am sure you are, i am ok with that. Would you just have it repair the slots and not replace components? That would be my preference in that case. I wouldn't want to have it grab all my stuff from the inventory and then i have to go back and recover components that I need elsewhere.

Sorry, I didn't read your post thoroughly enough. That is an interesting idea, though it (and my suggestion) does kind of take the troubleshooting feel away from the repair process a little bit. I'll have to think about that.

I have mixed feelings about this.

While on one hand I understand that it can become tiresome to remember what needs to be maintained and then doing it one by one, a "bulk repair" option, regardless of implementation, would reduce the entire maintenance mechanism to a "you have to click this button once a day for some reason" thing, rendering the whole feature pretty much meaningless.

I'm more inclined to consider this as part of the game's setting: not everything an astronaut (regardless if under normal circumstances or stranded on another planet) does is inherently glorious and heroic. There are also all the routine, mundane things they need to do day by day, the same way every time, and this is one of those things.

I understand the desire to have this maintenance as part of the narrative of "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" i.e. it is necessary to survive. The first encounter with the habitat and getting things up and running has that tension which i am ok with. If it is part of the story to land on the planet, locate the habitat, discover the problems and fix them all while the clock is ticking (you will die once you run out of power or oxygen) then that is suspenseful and engaging. After that it just becomes a "job" and not a particularly interesting one from a "gameplay" experience. From the players point of view if I spend X time playing the game and a non-trivial amount of time is spent running around a box clicking 10's or 100's of times the "mundane" activity of survival has become the "mundane" activity of playing. The tension is no longer their even though the consequences are real in game terms. Maybe the problem isn't with the concept but rather the mechanic. The systems degrade very quickly relative to everything i am doing. I would expect that an organization that can land humans on Mars would create systems that can last weeks or days without breaking or requiring so much hands on time. Maybe have it fail less often/quickly and also have a communications link between the habitat and your datapad and have it tell you when systems are at critical. Also take away the "click heavy" maintenance aspect and just have it that a part is degraded and the system is running at less than 100% so you are using more than you are producing requiring you to find and replace the component before the time runs out. I know this is partially what it does today but having the communications link avoids the necessity to run to a specific location to get the information you need and to perform repairs which cuts down on the time spent and by only needing to fix one or two things you also reduce the amount of "click, move, check, click, wait, click, wait, click, wait, move, click, move, click, wait". There is a lot of noise which gets in the way of the "game/story". Just my thoughts.

Im just surprised our computer in the hab does not give us a daily chores list. You get the status basic at that but it would be nice if it had a maintenance log and you could eyeball what you have not touched rather than run around to the four corners. But that's an it would be nice thing. Way down the line. I would rather grow food...however as more things get introduced it will be harder to keep track of what needs doing.