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Waystat lights

darker99 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2

I saw you post somewhere about wanting to add more clues into where to find things.

Perhaps you could add lights on top of waystats, that'd slowly blink (once each 30s or so). I can easily imagine something like that added to a waystat in real life to help with manual navigation (and on a separate, always-on power group so that it's easier to find back the waystat in case of a power failure - which seems to miraculously have happened to all waystats in the game ;) ).

This would also give you some incentive to climb the nearest hilltop on particularly clear nights and just stare in the distance waiting for that one small flash that could indicate an undiscovered waystat.

It should also not be too hard to implement, you'd probably only have to add a blinking light to your waystat prefab, and perhaps write a few lines of code for the light's visibility in different weather.

And yet another thing from my "pending suggestions" list, although more along the lines for Habitats, not the WayStats, as I think thery are relatively easy to find.

Actually, the Habitats do have a strobe light beacon on the communication mast, but it's not a real light source, and hardly noticeable even from just a few meters. Turning those into actual "fake" (as in, not illuminating anything nor casting shadows) lights that are visible from a huge distance as a bright blinking dot, especially at night, would make sense, even more so if they would be visible from a much greater distance than at which the scanner can detect a habitat.