Maintenance panel doors can get "confused"

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

This happened to me from time to time but only now did I manage to figure out why/how.

If you open a maintenance door, then move away slowly from the open access panel sideways in such way that one of the doors get out of "reach" sooner than the other (or rather, one of them gets out of range while the other doesn't yet), then that half of the door will close, but the other one will stay open.

If you then reapproach the panel in this state, it will only be half open, and left clicking on it will only switch which side is open and which is closed, but does not properly open both sides at the same time. You have to completely get out of reach of the system unit to allow both doors to close on their own to be able to properly open the panel again by left clicking.

The doors probably should not detect proximity independently, but tied to a single trigger which opens/closes both of them at the same time depending on if the player is in/out of range. I don't see any real reason/need for them to move independently (unless for some artistic reason so that the two sides wouldn't move always completely in sync).


Thanks. This is a known issue, but it has just been low on my fix priority list.