"Anomalous" hab component system states

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2

When I found the third habitat in my current playthrough (the one at Lat 283.088, Lon -6.5143), the vast majority of the component slots of all systems were at 99% condition, except for the RTG slot which showed the usual randomness. The ones that were not at 99% were at either exactly 00%, 25% 50%, or 75%, with no values in between those.

While random is random so anything can happen, I'd say it's very unlikely that several dozen random rolls all end up being one of only 5 values, so it feels more like some kind of incorrect value initilaization.

(Another thing worth noting about this Hab is that faint dust clouds are visible in it's vicinity that are drifting in a continuously changing direction. Was that left in by accident, or on purpose? :)

Under review

Thanks. I'll check on the randomization for that hab.

And I suppose you could say those dust clouds were left on accidentally on purpose. Testing for placing them over the rest of the map. Working on that as part of the dust storm update right now.


You were right about the randomization for that hab. Some test values got left in. Will be fixed in update coming soon.