Crafting - allow for items from storage

wrongwayjerry 3 years ago updated by MarsWalker 3 years ago 5

When crafting the items are only pulled from your personal inventory but the tools will come from the inventory or storage. Allow all items and tools from inventory or storage. Having to move everything from your inventory to storage is time consuming and as my memory is not that great having to remember the half a dozen or more components means I am probably going back and forth between storage and the crafting station.


The way that I do crafting now is to take a screenshot of the crafting requirements and paste it into MS Paint or Outlook and have the picture open along side the game while I fill my inventory.

In fact that is how i remember what is at each interesting location on the map. I take a screenshot of the container, for example, from the outside so i know where it is on the map. Then i take screenshots of the container contents and i put all the images into MS OneNote. This avoids the timer burn down while I am in the datapad or examining the contents of something. 


While I commend your creative problem solving, obviously I will need to implement a more intuitive solution. I'll start thinking about some kind of checklist system for a selected plan so that you can see the required materials while exploring the contents of other containers or your own inventory.

Some games have a booklet that show all crafts and materials needed for each but you still have to look in it separately from anything else and you still need to be carrying what is needed to do the crafting. So not sure if that helps or not..

Edit: I should have continued reading since Mr. Fusion already suggested having that in the datapad.

Another thing that could help would be to make the crafing plans you can find in the Documents section of the Datapad actually display the information regarding that crafting process, at the very least the required tools and materials. That way at least you wouldn't have to go back and forth between the hab storage and the crafting station if you want to see what you need and then be able to pick them up.

Currently that section doesn't serve much purpose since every plan that's listed and accessible there only says something along the lines of "this is a crafting plan, use the crafting station to access it".


Yes, this is something I'm already planning. Here's my current idea for better crafting management:

The crafting plans listed in the documents app would have all the required materials and tools for each item and then there would be an option to "track" a crafting plan. Tracking might then highlight materials in any container that would satisfy the crafting plan you have selected so that you would know to withdraw them.