More "aggressive" coloring of accumulated radiation

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 2

I think the values at which the coloring of the accumulated radiation value in Vitals starts to change from green towards red should be lowered and/or compressed into a narrower range to better convey the importance and severity of impact of this value.

In my current playthrough I've (temporarily) accumulated around 450-500 units of radiation, at which point the number was still green, but it already seemed to severely impact organ integrity and degradation rate; while without accumulated exposure on previous trips organ integrity remained in the "green" range and hardly dropping even at fairly low (200-500) calorie count with other stats being reasonably high, the same overall condition paired with the above mentioned radiation exposure caused integrity to rapidly drop from green to orange in maybe 5-6 hours, which is more characteristic for when other vitals are closer to the red end, so the radiation display should behave in a similar way for consistent readability across all vital factors.

Actually, I'm not entirely sure if it's caused by radiation alone. In my last play seesion I had a pretty similar situation, except this time the accumulated radiation was only around 180, and yet organ integrity behaved rather unpredictably.

Over the course of a long trip (I'd estimate it at least 20 hours, probably a little longer) starting from all vitals being green, organ integrity hardly changed from green/normal during the majority of the time. I got the radiation exposure about half way, and that alone didn't seem to have much impact on it either. But once the calories count dropped to, I'm not sure exactly when it started, I'd say somewhere around 300-ish, organ integrity started dropping like a rock, going from normal to poor in not more than 3 hours, triggering the low vitals alarm, and would've killed me in a few more hours if I'm not lucky enough to be just a little ways from the closest habitat already.

So based on this, it doesn't seem to me that you could go on for 5-7 days without food as on this trip I nearly died in less than 24 hours, with the major factor in it being calories count dropping close to 0, combined with what looked to be only a mild radiation exposure and some exhaustion (rested, all 3 lines being greenish-yellow, same as on many previous trips of similar length, only without organ integrity doing this nosedive at the end). So either radiation has a much stronger effect on organ integrity than what the game tells you, or any radiation combined with low remaining calories causes organ integrity to degrade much faster than intended.

And the even bigger issue is the unpredictable way in which organ integrity appears to behave, not changing for a long time, then once reaching a switching pont of some sort starting to drop so steeply that you hardly have a chance to do something about it unless you happen to be close enough to a habitat.


There have been some changes to the survival stats and the way radiation accumulation works over the last few months, so this feedback may no longer be relevant. Feel free to update anything based on the current model.