Misc. bugs/quirks/questions

jongrob 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 7
  • Checking habitat status: I was confused when I opened up the habitat status screen and wasn't able to navigate using the arrow keys over to the exit button. I had to press E to bring up my pad again as the usual menu so I could navigate to the exit button.
  • Could there be some kind of indicator when our vitals drop to a dangerous point? I died on my first game and didn't know what killed me because I hadn't checked my vitals.
  • Inside the habitat, you can check the status computer on the other side of the wall if you stand close to it. I think it's to the left when you enter.
  • I ran my battery down to a critical point, then went to sleep and it charged up to 100% but the warning indicator stayed above the battery gauge.
  • After every wake-up I would leave the habitat and get a message that says something to the effect of "the exterior battery was not sufficient to charge suit" even though the suit is at 100%.
  • My exhaustion vital resets to "well rested" whenever I enter the habitat.

Awesome catches. Some are new to me, others may have been things that I accidentally enabled/disabled in the beta build that was sent out. I'll try to address as many as I can in the next update. Thanks!

  • I fixed the navigation issues between the various datapad screens so they are more consistent now.
  • There should be several health warnings before you die, but I added one more. I'm trying to find a balance that respects the player's intelligence and doesn't inundate them with warning messages. The first couple times you die should be a learning experience anyways.
  • I blocked the habitat status console from being selectable from behind the wall.
  • I fixed the warning indicators from staying on when your stats are replenished.
  • The last two bugs you reported I was not able to replicate. If you still experience these issues when I put out v0.51 I may need you to provide me with your save game file. Saves will be enabled in this next release and it will save automatically when you sleep. If you experience either of those issues immediately after sleeping then you can just exit the game without sleeping again and I should be able to open your save file to see the bug for myself. Thanks for the reports.

These fixes are now available in v0.51 which you can download via your Humble library. If you have a chance to check the changes I'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks!

About being able to select things like the habitat status console from behind the wall, seems like it's possible to select certain components like the circuit board in the life support modules without opening the maintenance panel, so probably a slight issue with collision there as well.


Thanks, yeah, I've actually noticed that the habitat status seems to be still selectable from behind the wall sometimes too. I'll look into this again.